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How to Choose

Choosing a Down Pillow or Feather Pillow.

Feathers are flat and have a spine and down clusters are round and fluffy (see Choosing Fill Power) and this difference is all the difference in the world when it comes to choosing a pillow. Feathers like to lay flat so that all the feather spines align with each other causing your pillow to sleep 'thinner'. Down clusters, on the other hand are round and fluffy and naturally want to retain their spherical shape as nature intended. They are softer, fluffier and will last longer than feathers.

The finest quality down pillows contain no feathers, or as few as mechanically possible given today's technology, while feather pillows contain a certain percentage of down so they don't sleep completely flat. That subtle difference is all the difference in the world when it comes to how each type of pillow will sleep.

Choosing a down pillow is a very important decision. Whether you realize it or not the down pillow you choose can have a significant impact on both the quality of your rest and awake time. Aside from just being uncomfortable and in an incorrect pillow choice can cause your neck muscles to strain while you sleep.

This stress and strain can cause you to wake with headaches or neck pain impacting your mood and perhaps the remainder of your day. We are not Doctors but when choosing a down pillow try to think in terms of your spine angle and the impact it can have on your ability to sleep and awaken comfortably. With that as your guide, all that's left to do is pick your perfect pillow.

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Choosing a Down Comforter

Our QualityRest™ Down Comforters are designed around the sleeping temperature (SleepTemp) of your bedroom while you sleep and NOT the temperature outside or where you live. Today's technology gives us so much control over the temperature of our homes that regardless of the weather outside we can be completely comfortable inside. So much control that we can program the temperature of our homes to change depending on the time of day.

At Down & Feather Company we understand how technology impacts our lives and how this may have a profound effect on how and at what temperature you sleep. It's not uncommon for our southern most customers to choose our Winterweight down comforters. Surprised? you shouldn't be, many of them keep their homes cooler throughout the day and night because of the heat outside while our customers to the north may keep their homes a little warmer. Either way, we have the comforter that's right for you so that you can get a quality night's rest.

More Information for choosing down comforters

Choosing a Featherbed

Which do you look forward to more? Your bed or going to sleep. We all enjoy a good night of quality rest but imagine looking forward to your bed in a way that you never have before. You can turn your bed into a sleeping sanctuary with one of our made-to-order featherbeds and look forward to your bed just as much as you look forward to sleep. So how do you choose? Our down and feather blend is a traditional 3 channel featherbed with a 25% Down and 75% Feather blend designed to provide you the support you need. Our Goose Down Featherbed is a big billowy featherbed and it's 12" baffle box design is edged with a 2" gusset to allow the Goose Down to reach its maximum loft. Our down and feather blend featherbed or our goose down featherbed are like sleeping on a cloud that keeps you all snuggly and warm. Look forward to your bed and not just sleep.

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Choosing Fill Power.

Choosing fill power is a very important decision. Technically speaking fill power is a measurement of the amount of space one (1) ounce of down will occupy in cubic inches when allowed to reach its maximum loft. Some important things to remember are the higher the fill power the larger the down cluster. The larger the down cluster the higher the quality of the down. The higher the quality the longer it will retain its loft in a down comforter and firmness in a down pillow.

More Information for choosing fill power

Choosing down fill or feather for your pillow or feather bed.

At Down And Feather Company we realize not everyone is going to purchase their pillows from us. However, we do realize how personal pillows are and truly wish everyone would sleep better. So we figure if everyone understood the difference between a feather pillow and a down pillow a "feather" and a "down cluster" and how feather pillows and down pillows and even feather and down pillows are different everyone would sleep well.

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Why Choose Down & Feather Company.

Have you ever wished you could adjust that feather or down pillow you just purchased a little firmer or a little softer without having to purchase a new pillow? At Down & Feather Company you can under our Perfect Pillow Policy. We will adjust any of our feather pillows, down pillows or decorative pillows for one year from the date of purchase FREE of charge. You just pay for shipping and we will handle the rest.

If the environment is as important to you as it is to us then you will love our brands. We hand-harvest all of our down fill during the molting season of birds in an effort to not harm the birds or the animals.

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