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Feather Pillows

The best feather pillows will last a lifetime when properly cared for and maintained. Our real feather pillows can be made thick and heavy depending on your sleep style. Thicker for side sleepers and thinner for a stomach sleeper. You should always use a pillow protector and a pillowcase. All of our sleep pillows are available in standard size 20" x 26", queen size 20" x 30" and king size 20" x 36".

Two different varieties of feather pillows are available for purchase: the Classic blend of 75% feather and 25% down or the 100% old fashioned Original feather pillow. For a mix of feathers and down, choose between the Snuggle Soft Classic or Natural Nights Classic versions. For a 100% feather pillow made of all feathers, consider the Hotel Collection or Original pillows.

The Original Feather Pillows

NEW FREE Travel Bag Included! The Original old fashion blue & white stripe granny style all Hungarian goose feather pillow. NEW! Sleeps thicker, heavier and quieter just like the one at grandma's house.

$115 $153 (You save $38)


Hotel Collection Classic Feather Pillows

You will feel like you're on vacation all the time with this 25% down 75% Hungarian feather blend. Long-staple Egyptian cotton specifically designed to reduce feather poke-thru's.

$162 $215 (You save $53)


Natural Nights® Classic Feather Pillows

Our Natural Nights® Classic feather pillow is defined by it's 25% down 75% Hungarian feather blend and Certified organic Egyptian long-staple cotton shell.

$162 $215 (You save $53)


Snuggle Soft Pillow Protectors

Our Snuggle Soft pillow protector is designed for use with all of our luxury sleep pillows. Soft, breathable Egyptian cotton keeps your Standard, Queen, King, or European pillow from sleeping firmer than designed.



Natural Nights® Organic Pillow Protectors

Our Natural Nights® certified organic all natural pillow protector. Soft, breathable all natural Egyptian cotton keeps your Standard, Queen, King, or European, pillow from sleeping firmer than designed.



Natural Nights Sleep & Pillow Spray

Natural Nights® Pillow Spray to help you fall asleep faster. Made using a blend of French Lavender and English Lavender for a perfectly balanced scent.



Blue Pillow Storage & Travel Bag

FREE! With every sleep pillow purchase. Our perfect Pillow Storage & Travel bag has handles and a zipper. Ideal for both travel and storage.

$30 $40 (You save $10)


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Q: What is a feather pillow?

A feather pillow is any pillow filled with more than 51% percent feather. Once you design and manufacture a pillow with that percentage of feathers you significantly change its personality in terms of the way it sleeps and the support it provides. The best feather pillows are primarily made using the smallest and softest feathers of the goose. Typically speaking, smaller feathers are softer and lighter and of higher quality.

For example. The Original feather pillow is a real feather pillow so it has a very specific personality. Meaning it has a very unique, texture, sound and feel. Those characteristics give it its personality. You can feel the feathers ever so slightly giving it that unique texture. The feathers rubbing together actually give it a unique sound.

The Classic feather pillow has 25% feather blended with the feathers. This creates a completely different pillow personality. It has its own unique texture sound and feel. The feathers are a lot less obvious once they are mixed with the down so it sleeps much softer initially and then firms up as you put more weight on it. It's much quieter and softer relative to The Original feather pillow.

Feather pillows are unique and if it was the pillow of your youth they are very special pillows. With Down and Feather Company, you can have this experience again, and this time make sure that every facet of your pillow is made of the most quality materials in the world. We have searched the globe to find the best materials, so we can give you the most lavish and magnificent pillow possible. We do this because we understand what a good night’s sleep can do for you.

Q: What's the difference between feather pillows?

Feather pillows are defined by their ratio of feathers to down. We sell two different varieties of feather pillows - a 75:25 ratio percentage of feathers to down, or a 100% feather pillow variety. If you are looking for a mix of feathers and down, you can choose between our Snuggle Soft or Natural Nights versions. If you want a pillow that is made of all feathers, you can look into our Hotel Collection or Original feather pillows. Not sure about a feather pillow? Try our luxury goose down pillow products, which are hand-tailored to fit your sleep style.

Our Snuggle Soft line of down feather pillows feature an Egyptian cotton shell that is pearl white and has double stitched corded edges. Egyptian cotton is widely regarded as the finest cotton in the world and has proven time and again to be the most comfortable cotton you can choose. The Snuggle Soft not only will comfort you throughout the night, but also give your bed a luxurious look. Love our feather and down products? Consider adding a queen or king feather bed to your sleep setup to complement your pillows.

The Natural Nights down feather pillow is also hypo-allergenic, and is made with 100% organic materials. No dangerous chemicals were used during any step of the process in its creation, and all of the materials come from organic sources. The edges are double row stitched and corded just like the Snuggle Soft pillow, which adds to its longevity as well as its aesthetic appeal.

The Hotel Collection Jumbo Pillow is a 100% feather pillow. It is made from Hungarian white goose feathers, and is perfect for any sleep style. Because we use only the finest and most comfortable feathers, you will find that our feather pillows do not poke out as the cheaper variety will. Just like our down feather pillows, these come with an Egyptian cotton shell ensuring its quality.

Finally there is the Original feather pillow. This is the one that we have been selling since the beginning, and will remind you of the feather pillows from days gone by. Do not worry though, we have perfected its feel over the years and have managed to create a luxurious feather pillow with a classic feel. It is wrapped in a blue and white cotton shell and has knife edge stitching.

Q: What is the best feather pillow for side sleepers?

The best pillows for side sleepers are feather pillows that fill the area between the crown of your shoulder and the side of your head. We call this are your 'comfort gap'. The broader your shoulders the wider your 'comfort gap' the thicker the pillow needed for your to be comfortable while sleeping on your side.

Q: How should I wash a feather pillow?

Very carefully. Your goal should be to not have to wash your feather pillow. The way to accomplish that goal is to use a pillow protector, pillow protectors have zippers and pillow cases do not, that is designed for your pillow. Meaning, it's dimensionally accurate to the dimensions of your pillow. You might be surprised to find that some of the current pillow protectors and pillow cases are actually smaller than they were designed but that's and entirely different issue.

However, if you must wash your feather pillow you need to understand it will impact how long it will last and may impact its ability to provide support and it may end up smelling if you don't dry it properly. But if you must wash your feather pillow do it on cold to warm water. Hot water will strip away what remains of the natural oils that remain on the feathers. Those natural oils allow the feathers to flex and bend before they break. The more those natural oils are striped away the more brittle the feathers become. When feathers break and crack they become sharp significantly increasing the number of feathers that can poke you and reducing the useful life of your pillow. The short answer, don't wash your feather pillow and always use protection.

Q: How long should a feather pillow last?

A feather pillow's useful life, defined as how long it remains supportive or how long it continues to help you sleep, is based on three (3) pretty important factors: compression, moisture and body oil. The first factor is compression. That's you putting your head on the pillow night after night. The act of compression, or more simply put, you using your pillow is something we can't really do anything about. You bought the pillow for support so using for its intended purpose will have an impact. But, the other things that shorten the useful life of a feather pillow are moisture and body oil.

Q: What size are king pillows?

Our king size pillowcases measure 20 inches by 36 inches (51 cm by 91 cm).

Q: What is the ideal fill power for a king-size down feather pillow?

The ideal fill power for a king-size down feather pillow can vary depending on personal preferences and sleeping habits. The higher fill power indicates better quality down, typically providing more loft and insulation. However, individual comfort preferences, such as firmness level and sleeping position, should also be taken into account when choosing the ideal fill power for a king-size down feather pillow.

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