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Snuggle Soft 850 Fill Power Goose Down Pillows

Ultra Premium 850 Hungarian white goose down wrapped with Egyptian long-staple cotton. The 850 pillow's 'personality' is very soft, light, and quiet.

$370 $492 (You save $122)

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Natural Nights® 750 Fill Power Goose Down Pillows

Natural Nights® 750 Hungarian white goose down wrapped with all natural Certified organic Egyptian long-staple cotton. Very soft, light, and quiet.

$329 $438 (You save $109)

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Snuggle Soft Classic Feather Pillows

The Suggle Soft Classic feather pillow is defined by it's 25% down 75% Hungarian feather blend and pearl white long-staple Egyptian cotton shell.

$162 $215 (You save $53)

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The Original Feather Pillows

The Original old fashion blue & white stripe granny style all Hungarian goose feather pillow. Sleeps thick and heavy just like the one at grandma's house.

$115 $153 (You save $38)

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Q: Why Down & Feather Company?

Down and Feather Co. is a premium manufacturer of made-to-order down and feather pillows and other luxury bedding, using only the finest and most expensive materials in the world. We believe the best products and materials do NOT need to be sourced from China.

We are the home of The Original Feather, just like the one at grandma's house.

We are the home of the orignal 'Perfect Pillow Policy'.

We are the opposite of Amazon. Nothing is already made sitting in a box waiting to be shipped!

All of our down and feather pillows will ship in their own box, uncompressed, inside a travel bag with handles.

All of our down and feather pillows are 'traditionally' designed without chambers, feather cores surrounded by down, internal chambers or any other pillow-in-pillow design. We make them the old fashioned way!

Q: What does made-to-order mean?

Made-to-order means that, after an online order has been placed, the selected down luxury bedding item must be made first before it can be shipped. The product must be cut and the fabric sewn to the correct dimensions, as ordered. The final step is filling the selected product with preferred down, feather or a blend, and ensuring that the density is exact, as ordered.

Q: What is your Perfect Pillow Policy?

Down and Feather Co. will adjust any down pillow or feather pillows one (1) density level softer or firmer than the density level of the original order for FREE for one (1) year from the date of purchase. For example, if a customer orders the most popular medium density pillow, we will adjust it to be 'thicker' or 'thinner' for FREE, for one (1) year.

Q: Why Hungarian white goose down?

Hungarian white goose down is legendary around the world for the size and consistency of the down clusters. However, not all Hungarian white goose down is created equal so we have ours isotope tested by an independent lab to make sure ours isn't from China and wasn't washed and cleaned in China! Many offer Hungarian white but is it really Hungarian? We know ours is. I wonder if they know.

Q: What is your Return Policy?

All of our luxury down bedding items; down and feather pillows, comforters and mattress toppers come with our 30 Night Comfort Guarantee from the DATE OF DELIVERY.

Don't judge your new pillow based on the weight of the box or the feel when compressed with your hand. Use it as designed, sleep on it, with a pillow protector and a pillow case before deciding whether or not it's perfect for you.

Q: Where are the pillows made?

All of our pillow are Made in the USA of imported materials. The cotton for the down pillows and the Classic feather pillows is from Egypt and filled with only the finest ultra-premium Hungarian white goose down and goose feather from specie specific Hungarian geese. The cotton for the Original feather pillow is grown here in the United States.

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