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Luxury Down Pillows

Our down pillows are made from legendary 'Ultra-Premium' Hungarian white goose down and then surrounded with the finest 35mm long-staple Egyptian cotton shell. Ideal for all sleep positions including side sleepers that rotate to their back, rotate to their stomach or just side to side. Also great for back sleepers, and stomach sleepers depending on pillow density and pillow thickness. Our down pillows are also available in your choice of standard size 20" x 26", queen size 20" x 30", king size 20" x 36" and european feather pillows 26" x 26”. All of our down pillows are eligible for a FREE pillow adjustment for one (1) year from the date of purchase.

Snuggle Soft 850 Fill Power Goose Down Pillows

Snuggle Soft® 850 Hungarian white goose down wrapped with Egyptian long-staple cotton. The 850 pillow's 'personality' is very soft, light, and quiet.

$370 $492 (You save $122)


Natural Nights® 750 Fill Power Goose Down Pillows

Natural Nights® 750 Hungarian white goose down wrapped with all natural Certified organic Egyptian long-staple cotton. Very soft, light, and quiet.

$329 $438 (You save $109)


Quality Rest® 650 Fill Power Goose Down Pillows

Quality Rest® 650 Hungarian white goose down wrapped with Egyptian long-staple cotton. The 650 pillow's 'personality' is very soft and dense.

$295 $392 (You save $97)


FiberGel® Down Alternative Pillow

Our FiberGel® Down Alternative pillow sleeps slightly firmer and denser than our all down pillows. Breathable and easy to wash. 100% Hypoallergenic.



Snuggle Soft Pillow Protectors

Our Snuggle Soft pillow protector is designed for use with all of our luxury sleep pillows. Soft, breathable Egyptian cotton keeps your Standard, Queen, King, or European pillow from sleeping firmer than designed.



Natural Nights® Organic Pillow Protectors

Our Natural Nights® certified organic all natural pillow protector. Soft, breathable all natural Egyptian cotton keeps your Standard, Queen, King, or European, pillow from sleeping firmer than designed.



Blue Pillow Storage & Travel Bag

FREE! With every sleep pillow purchase. Our perfect Pillow Storage & Travel bag has handles and a zipper. Ideal for both travel and storage.

$30 $40 (You save $10)


Down Travel Pillow - (13" x 18")

This Down Travel Pillow, is the perfect size and shape for those looking to take the comforts of home on the road. Filled with 8oz of ultra-premium Hungarian goose down.



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Q: What is a down pillow?

Down pillows are pillows filled with feathers that cushion the head and neck. They’re primarily made using goose down clusters and can be ideal for all sleep positions. Down is used to trap air, in order to keep the goose warm, while feather pillows sleep a little cooler. At Down and Feather Company, we use only the finest Hungarian white goose down. The clusters that we use are located near the chest of the bird, because they are soft, light, and durable. Only the best down pillows are made using Hungarian white goose down found closest to the chest of the bird.

Q: What makes a down pillow unique?

Down pillows are unique because of their hungarian white goose down clusters - down clusters are much softer and lighter than feathers. Because of the nature of down clusters, down pillows maintain shape and temperature longer, providing an optimal comfort level. Down & Feather Co. only uses sustainably-farmed, premium-quality Hungarian white goose down to create the best goose down pillows on the market.

Q: Why should I buy a down pillow?

On average, an adult will spend 25-33% of their lives asleep. This is a time that many of us take for granted, but that is a mistake. For the time that we are awake, we spend it trying to surround ourselves with a comfortable living space. From our furniture, to the clothes that we wear, most people are looking to be comfortable. So why do a lot of people not take the same approach for the times they are asleep?

Q: What's the difference between down and feather pillows?

Down is soft and warm, collected from the chest and underbelly of the goose, while feathers are quills from the wings and back with a heavier, flatter feel. The primary difference when choosing between down pillows and feather pillows is you will sleep 'IN' down pillows and 'ON' feather pillows. Using only the finest Hungarian white goose down allows us to create the most luxurious down pillows. Our Down is found under the feathers and much closer to the animal's skin around the chest. Down traps the air that is then warmed by the goose. While feathers have a quill and drape over the down found on the chest closest to the skin helping keep the geese dry. This keeps feathers slightly cooler for a luxury feather pillow experience.

Q: How does sleep style affect your comfort?

Something that many people do not take into account when buying down pillows and comforters is how they, and their partners, prefer to sleep. Everyone is different, which means that you need a pillow that matches how you like to lay down.

With our luxury goose down pillows at Down and Feather Company, you do not need to worry. We have ensured that each of our down pillows perform up to their highest standards, regardless of how the sleeper is laying. So it does not matter if you are someone who likes to lay on their back, plop down on their front, or curl up on their side, our pillows will be there to support you.

At Down and Pillow Company, we understand that not all pillows are created equal. By utilizing the most luxurious down pillow materials, from our double stitched Egyptian cotton to our Hungarian white goose down, we have designed a pillow to make you feel that you are resting your head on a cloud, instead of a hard lump that flattens after a couple of uses. Also, as with all of our pillows, we offer a 30 night comfort guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your pillow, return it within 30 days of purchase in new condition for a full refund.

No matter the size, the fill power, or the fill density, you will be happy you chose to invest in the best down pillow and a more comfortable night time experience. So, please continue to browse our website to find the pillow that matches your needs the best, and welcome yourself to what it truly means to have a good night’s sleep.

Q: What sizes are your down pillows available in?

All of our pillow varieties come in standard, queen, and king sizes, and can be filled with soft, medium, firm, or extra firm densities, depending on your preference. They are great for all sleep styles, meaning that they will cater to side, front, or back sleepers. You can find the best down pillow in any size you need at Down & Feather Co.

Our king size down pillows are 20' x 36' and filled with our legendary Hungarian white goose down. Our king down pillows are available across all our luxurious down bedding collections.

Q: What does fill power mean?

Fill power represents quality, loft and the size of the down cluster. The higher the fill power the higher the quality, the higher it will loft and the longer it will 'retain its firmness' (i.e. years it will last). DO NOT use fill power as a 'measure of firmness', higher fill power does NOT mean it will be a firmer pillow and 850 fill power down pillows are NOT firmer than 650 fill power down pillows. However, the 850 fill power pillow is higher quality and will last longer.

Density, (i.e. soft, medium, firm, extra firm) is determined by, fill weight, which is adjusted by the amount of down inside the pillow. For example, our standard soft 800 fill power pillow contains (14 oz.) while the medium contains (16 oz.) firm contains (18oz.) and extra firm has (21 oz.) stuffed into the pillow shell.

Q: What is fill weight?

Fill weight is the number of ounces used to create a given density; soft, medium, firm or extra firm. Fill weight is sometimes confused with fill power, which is more a reflection of the quality (as determined by size) of the down clusters.

The fill weight of any given pillow can be see by adding the item to the shopping cart. Within the shopping cart you can see a summary of the pillow size, the pillow support level, or density, and of course the SKU with the number of ounces listed at the end.

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