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Our down pillows are made from legendary 'Ultra-Premium' Hungarian white goose down and then surrounded with the finest 35mm long-staple Egyptian cotton shell. Ideal for all sleep positions including side sleepers that rotate to their back, rotate to their stomach or just side to side. Also great for back sleepers, and stomach sleepers depending on pillow density and pillow thickness. Our down pillows are also available in your choice of standard size 20" x 26", queen size 20" x 30" and king size 20" x 36". All of our down pillows are eligible for a FREE pillow adjustment for one (1) year from the date of purchase.

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Snuggle Soft 850 Fill Power Goose Down Pillows
Natural Nights® 750 Fill Power Goose Down Pillows
FiberGel Down Alternative Pillow
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Natural Nights® Organic Pillow Protectors
Blue Pillow Storage & Travel Bag
Natural Nights Sleep & Pillow Spray
My First Down Pillow - Toddler (13" x 18")
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Snuggle Soft 850

Amazing Pillow! The snuggle soft 850 fill pillow is by far the best down pillow I have ever slept on. I went with firm and it’s perfect. Neck pain vanished after a few nights. The quality of this pillow is second to none and Down & Feather customer service was superb. Don’t hesitate to pull the trigger!

John N.

Natural Nights 750

After searching for literally MONTHS and after only one night of sleeping on my new Natural Nights 750 Med./Std., I have FINALLY found my perfect pillow!!! 62 y/o female, 5'4", healthy weight, side/back sleeper, med/soft mattress. I am thankful to David, who, with his pillow knowledgable and great guidance, lead me to "the one".

Angel Wings

Quality Rest 650

I called and a person helped me choose the correct pillows. I asked a lot of questions including the type of down pillow that sleeps more like a feather pillow. He answered all my questions and I placed the order and I love my pillows. My neck is not sore any longer in the morning.

Ann B.

Snuggle Soft 850

I love my new pillow! I only bought it without feeling it first because of the free adjustment policy. I have the medium density and it is definitely softer than the last "medium" down pillow I bought at a department store, but it's perfect. Worth the money. My husband and kids are not allowed near it.

Susan P.

Snuggle Soft 850

This down pillow is made with the best down in the world. It is made so well and is so comfortable when I am in bed. I am a side sleeper and ordered a firm 850 fill snuggle soft standard size pillow. It is perfect for my neck. I absolutely recommend this to anyone!

Vincent H.

Natural Nights 750

My husband is picky. This 750 Goose Down Pillow was a big hit. He has been sleeping better and his neck pain has been lessened. He loves his new pillow and says it's like sleeping on a cloud. He thinks it was too expensive, but I know that spending money on something we do for a third of our existence is worth the investment. I would recommend this product.

Sandy V.
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