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How to Choose A Feather Mattress or Feather Bed

Learn the styles of down feather beds & how they sleep differently.

by David Smith

Last Updated: 11/18/2022

You deserve a luxurious night’s sleep every night - and our feather mattresses and down mattress options are designed to meet your sleep needs. Check out our handy guide to feather beds below to decide which is best for you.

What Is A Feather Bed?

Let’s start with the basics. Feather beds are a mattress topper filled with feathers, providing an extra layer of support and softness to make your sleep experience tailored to you. We carry both classic feather beds and goose down mattress toppers, letting you choose your style of construction and softness. Every feather mattress will contour comfortably to your body, giving you support and softness together. Not sure whether feathers or down is more suited to you? Check out our guide to Feathers vs Down and the table below to decide what works for you.

Why Choose A Feather Bed or Goose Down Mattress?

When you’re looking for the ideal feather beds for sale on the market, look no further than the Down & Feather feather bed collection. All of our white goose down mattresses and feather beds are 100% hypoallergenic, providing you with the highest quality hypoallergenic feather bed products on the market.

Each style of feather bed is constructed differently to provide support for each individual. To further customize your sleep experience, Down & Feather crafts each down feather bed with your specific fill power to your liking.

Feather beds and goose down mattress toppers can be interchangeable terms at times. However, the difference with our down feather mattress is that it contains both feathers and down, providing the mattress topper with a little extra support. Meanwhile our goose down mattress is completely filled with down for the highest quality sleep.

Read on to discover each style of feather bed for sale at Down & Feather!

How Do Down vs Feather Beds Compare?

Feather Bed Goose Down Bed
Very Good Quality Great Quality Excellent Quality Finest Quality
75% Feather, 25% Down blend 600 Fill Power 700 Fill Power 800 Fill Power
Egyptian cotton twill 100% Egyptian Cotton 100% Egyptian Cotton 100% Egyptian Cotton
230 Thread Count 300 Thread Count 300 Thread Count 300 Thread Count
3 Channel 12" Baffle Box - 2" Gusset 12" Baffle Box - 2" Gusset 12" Baffle Box - 2" Gusset
Hypoallergenic - 10 Year Warranty Hypoallergenic - 10 Year Warranty Hypoallergenic - 10 Year Warranty Hypoallergenic - 10 Year Warranty



The Classic Feather Bed

Our Classic Feather Bed, or feather mattress topper, is a traditional three channel (75%) feather, (25%) down, blend designed for those that like a big billowy look and feel to their beds. You don't sleep "on it" as much as you sleep "in it". These feather beds are VERY thick, so thick in fact, that when you lay down on the feather mattress night after night you realize you are sleeping in a very shallow channel created by the weight of your body while sleeping. It's very cozy and warm. When you change the fitted sheet or Feather Bed protector, which we highly recommend you use, many of our customers take that opportunity to re-fluff their feather and down feather bed so it's like new. It's like sleeping "in" a warm cloud. Since this feather and down blended feather bed is made with Hungarian goose feathers it's not uncommon for a feather quill to poke through the 230 thread count Egyptian cotton when fluffed or jumped on.

The Goose Down Mattress Topper

Although our all goose down feather bed, or mattress topper, is called a "feather bed," we have meticulously sorted all the feathers that could poke from the down clusters to bring you the ultimate in luxury, a Hungarian white goose down mattress topper of the finest quality and softness. After we try to remove the feathers from the down clusters we stuff them into a 12" baffle box design edged with a 2" gusset to allow the Hungarian white goose down to reach their maximum loft. A baffle box designed feather bed, or in this case down mattress topper, is the most difficult design to manufacture and fill with material, down clusters, that simply float away with your every breath. These are very light, very soft, and very difficult to make but the result is unsurpassed in the world of down mattress toppers.

The Baffle Box Down Mattress Design

Unlike our Classic three (3) channel feather bed our baffle box design prevents our Hungarian goose down from shifting. If you can imagine two flat sheets laid one on top of the other and then sewn together without actually touching each other, almost like twelve 12" pizza boxes sewn together and filled with Hungarian goose down, then you have some idea how difficult this design is to build. The top and the bottom sheets, which are actually called 'ticking' or sometimes the 'shell', are separated by another piece of fabric, approximately 2" in height, which then completes the baffle, connecting the two sheets. This design allows the goose down to reach its maximum loft without being constrained by the outer shell, or ticking, of our goose down mattress topper.

Pick Your Size

Pick Your preferred Fill Power

When it comes to our goose down beds fill power still means finer quality. However, when it comes to something that you sleep on, like a feather bed, and not under, like a down comforter, fill power means resilience and longevity. The higher the fill power the higher the quality, the higher the quality the larger the down cluster, the larger the down cluster the more resilient and longer it will last. So a higher fill power feather bed or mattress topper will last longer and provide support longer than a feather bed or mattress topper of lower fill power. So spending the extra money on a higher fill power feather bed means it won't need replacing as soon as a feather bed with a lower fill power. It may be more expensive but it is certainly a better value.

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