Premium Cotton

Long-staple vs Short-staple:

Long-staple Egyptian cotton is the ‘GOLD STANDARD’ in the textile industry which is why we use it exclusively. We use only long-staple Egyptian, single-ply cotton to make the best pillow in the world.


Long Staple Cotton

what does short-staple egyptian cotton look like

Short Staple Cotton

Single-ply vs Mulit-ply:

Long-staple Egyptian cotton is a much longer fiber and can be woven or spun into softer, lighter, thinner fabrics like the percale and sateen weave we use for all of our luxury down bedding. Multi-ply fabrics are not as soft, much heavier and prevent your pillow or down comforter from 'breathing' properly. Single-ply long-staple Egyptian cotton is the "GOLD Standard" of cotton which is why we use it for our Snuggle Soft™ and Natural Nights™ Collection of luxury down products.image comparing single ply cotton vs mulitply cotton

Single-ply Cotton / Multi-ply Cotton

Finest Down Proof Fabric:

The highest quality fabrics are spun from long-staple single-ply cotton fibers just like our Snuggle Soft™ and Natural Nights™ Collection of luxury down products. That’s why we only use environmentally friendly Oeko-Tex certified textiles and textile manufacturers for all of our luxurious Long-staple Egyptian cotton shells.

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