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10 Year Guarantee

All Down & Feather Company™ down comforters, down pillows, down mattress toppers and feather beds come with a 10 Year Guarantee* and proudly Made In America.

Don't remove the 'Goose Down Logo' [the one inch-by-one inch upside down goose butt logo] that we attach to every luxury down bedding product we make and your 10 Guarantee is considered valid. No registration needed. It's that simple. [*We highly recommend the use of a pillow protector and or pillow case to ensure the longevity of your down bedding purchase. Learn more about extending the life of your luxury down bedding and reducing the staining and yellowing commonly associated with all bedding. Enemies of Feather and Down.]

NOTE: We wanted to say 'forever' but the marketing team explained to us that nobody knows what 'forever' means anymore and we should put a time limit on the Guarantee and honor the product forever (whatever forever means). With that said, as long as we know that we made it, confirmed by our 'Goose Down Logo' on the product, we will do whatever we can to make it right. Unfortunately this Guarantee does not include the down fill contained within our pillows, comforters or feather beds, it does not include the staining and yellowing of the cotton shell and it does not cover the washing or drying of the shell. However if properly cared for using pillow and/or feather bed protectors and duvet covers your luxury down bedding will last much much longer than 10 years. Sleep Well.

Made-to-Order Handmade Craftsmanship:

Working with the delicate Egyptian fabrics and Hungarian fills used to make our luxury down bedding isn't left up to machines. Each down bedding piece is filled by a handful of people taking the time to sort, sew, inspect and fill our luxury down bedding before it makes it's way into your home. Every down bedding pillow shell, down comforter shell or feather bed shell must be inspected to ensure only the finest quality pieces are used. Unfortunately not all shells are fortunate enough to be used to make our luxury down pieces. Because of our attention to detail and made-to-order craftsmanship many consider us the finest Luxury Down Bedding Company in the world. We hope you will too. Sleep Well.

Guaranteed Hypoallergenic and Allergy FREE:

All of our luxury down fills and feather fills are washed using a multi-step process ensuring only the cleanest feather and down fills are used to make our luxury down bedding. No detergents or chemicals are used during the cleaning process, just soap and water, further ensuring our Hungarian goose feather and down is clean. All of our Hungarian goose down fills are washed multiple times until the feather and down meet our strict quality control standards. After washing, drying and testing, the down is further sorted into the varying levels of quality so that we can take additional sample tests to compare against our quality control standard sample for consistency.

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