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Snuggle Soft 800 Goose Down Mattress Toppers

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Filled with Ultra-premium 800+ Fill Power Hungarian White Goose Down washed using recycled water and environmentally friendly soap. Guaranteed hypoallergenic.

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Cal. King - 40047937126448

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Perfect Pillow Policy: FREE pillow Adjustment for 1 year

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Product Description

Our most popular down mattress topper is ideal for those looking for the ultimate in luxury.

Our feather mattress topper’s baffle-box design is ideal for those looking for pressure point relief and a luxurious bedding environment. Baffle-box designs are specially crafted to evenly distribute without reducing any loft or cushiness of the down inside. Get cloud-like comfort with these down mattress toppers that invite you to melt into them.

This heirloom-quality Snuggle Soft Batiste Down Mattress Topper is made using the lightest down proof fabric and then filled with the finest Hungarian white goose down in the world.

Look forward to bedtime like never before 'We're Pretty sure you deserve it'

Q: What is a down mattress topper?

Slip into the sumptuous sanctuary of this heavenly 800+ Fill Power Hungarian white goose down mattress topper, offering you quintessential quality and extraordinary comfort. As your skin caresses the silken top, your body melts into the downy softness, and as your tension eases while you float on this ultrasoft cloud, the stress of your day becomes a distant memory.

Sometimes referred to as a feather bed we have meticulously handpicked and sorted all the feathers that would normally poke you. While our down mattress topper is difficult to produce, the end results are well worth the effort.

Q: Where does it go on my bed?

Place this luxurious down topper directly on top of your mattress and under your fitted sheet and let our legendary Hungarian white goose down adjusts to the contours of your body, creating a cozy safe haven for every curve, yet remaining fully supportive.

Q: How long will it last?

This Snuggle Soft mattress is created to last, made with 420-thread count Egyptian cotton and finished with a double row stitch around the entire perimeter for added strength and durability. Designed to keep the premium quality Hungarian white goose down within the baffles you may see a few feathers sneak their way out over time. The 2" gusset used for all of our down mattress toppers allow the down to reach its maximum loft.

Q: Looking for pressure point relief?

If you've been searching for pain relief associated with pressure points brought on by an ill-fitting bed, well then the search for your perfect sleeping partner is over! For as much as you love this bed, you’ll feel like it loves you back!

Q: How to care for your mattress topper

Same care should be taken as you would for your 'featherbed'. Always use a feather bed protector. Spot clean when possible. Mattress toppers are to be used 'under' your fitted sheet and 'inside' the protector. You should wash the protector regularly. We do suggest rotating it periodically to extend its life. Body impressions or down fill migration between the baffles will vary based on many factors including how much you toss and turn during the night and other bedding related activities. To help reduce body impressions we recommend snapping your topper like a flat sheet to help redistribute the down. For major cleaning use a professional launderer familiar with cleaning down products.

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