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How to Choose Down Comforters

by David Smith

Last Updated: 3/22/2024

Selecting the perfect down comforter can transform your sleep experience, offering luxurious warmth and unparalleled comfort. However, navigating the options available can be daunting. From fill power to thread count, various factors play a pivotal role in finding the ideal down comforter tailored to your preferences.

Here at Down & Feather, we aim to unravel the complexities, providing insightful tips and considerations to help you make an informed choice in finding the cocoon of warmth and coziness that suits you best. We offer unparalleled comfort options with our down comforter collection. Read more about how to choose which down comforter is perfect for you today!

Choosing your down comforter by Sleep Temp™ 

Sleep Temp™ System is based on the temperature range of your bedroom while you sleep. Sleep Temp ranges can also vary based on your weight. Generally speaking; Lightweight 72 - 82 degrees, Year-round 62 - 72 degrees and Winter weight below 62 degrees which are graphically represented within the Sleep Temp™ Guide listed below. Men typically sleep warmer than women and these are just recommendations listed within the guide below.

Match your bedroom's Sleep Temp™

The temperature ranges are listed along the bottom of the Sleep Temp™ guide listed below. For Example, a 70 Degrees room temperature matches the range of temperatures of our "Year-round" down comforter.

Each down comforter or duvet has a Sleep Temp™ range that is graphically represented along the bottom for each down comforter weight we sell. Our down comforters and duvets are designed around the "Sleep Temperature" of your bedroom while you sleep and NOT the temperature outside or where you live.

Down Comforter Weight Chart & Sleep Temp Guide

Still not sure what your Sleep Temp™ is? Let the "Sleep Temp Guide" below help you determine which down comforter fill weight is right for you.

how to choose year-round down comforters and duvets

Year-Round Down Comforter

Our most popular weight down comforter helps keep female sleepers warm while preventing male sleepers from sleeping too hot. Recommended and designed for those that keep their bedroom temperature approximately between 62 - 72 degrees this baffle box designed down comforter allows our hand-selected Hungarian white goose down to reach its maximum loft. Double row stitching and elegant satin piping around the perimeter increase the longevity and durability of our luxurious down comforters. Year Around Down Comforters

Comforter Construction

Comforter construction is a big deal for comfort and quality—it affects how cozy and long-lasting the bedding will be. The way it's stitched helps keep the warmth even and prevents those annoying clumps, making sure you're snug all over and your comforter lasts.

What is the best down comforter design? Baffle box!

the best down comforter baffle box design

A true baffle box is the most difficult and expensive design for a down comforter shell. The baffles, which are the vertical interior walls in the middle of the comforter (see 'baffle box' arrow) are usually 1" to 2" inches tall. The outer shell, the top, and bottom attach to these vertical walls creating a three (3) dimensional square or baffle box. This design allows the down to reach its maximum loft without being compressed by the stitching of a sewn-thru design. Baffle box design prevents the 'cool spots' normally associated with sewn-thru design.

What is a box-stitch or sewn-thru down comforter?

the best down comforter box stitch design

Twelve to fifteen years ago, down comforters were made using a single thread sewn-thru or box stitch design. Manufacturers used a single thread to sew together the top sheet and the bottom sheet of the down comforter shell into the classic boxes that define the way down comforters look today.

Unfortunately, to save time and money during the manufacturing process, manufacturers also used the same single thread to bind the edge of the down comforter. The edge of the down comforter is the weakest part of the comforter and requires special attention or it will slowly wear out and allow the down to escape.

A sewn-thru design down comforter tends to sleep cooler than a baffle box design down comforter. The sewn-thru design of the box stitch prevents the down from reaching the intersection point of the top and bottom pieces of fabric. (see 'sewn thru' arrow). Once the down comforter is placed inside a Duvet Cover, or protector, the cooler spots at the intersection points of the fabric become less apparent.

Sewn-thru is not necessarily an inferior design but was instead an initial design technique. A solution for sewn-thru issues is the employment of a double row stitch around the perimeter and the addition of elegant piping to enhance both the look and durability of the design.

What to Look for in a Down Comforter

Fill Power

Fill power measures how much space one ounce of down occupies. A higher fill power signifies better insulation while maintaining a lightweight, fluffy feel. Learn more about fill power here.

Comforters with 700+ fill power represent top-tier quality. These options offer superior insulation without added weight, providing a cozy yet lightweight sleep experience. They're durable, retaining their loft and performance over time, ensuring longevity and sustained comfort. Additionally, the higher fill power guarantees enhanced breathability and temperature regulation, preventing overheating during sleep. This premium quality creates a luxurious, cloud-like sensation, enveloping you in warmth and comfort for a truly indulgent night's sleep.

Choosing a down comforter with 700 or 800 fill power ensures a luxurious sleep experience, offering superior warmth, durability, breathability, and a plush, cloud-like feel, making it a worthwhile investment for unparalleled comfort and quality rest. See if our Snuggle Soft 800 fill Down Comforter or Natural Nights® 700-fill Down Comforter might be the perfect choice for you.

Down Comforter Accessories

Selecting complementary accessories for your down comforter enhances the overall sleep experience.

  • When choosing a duvet cover, opt for high-quality, breathable materials like cotton or linen to maintain the comforter's breathability and ensure easy maintenance. Learn more about duvet covers here.

  • Down pillows complement the comforter, offering similar plushness and support, and they're often adjustable to suit different sleep positions.

  • Additionally, a feather bed or down mattress topper adds an extra layer of comfort and softness to your bed, enhancing the coziness and providing additional support for a restful night's sleep.

Products made with premium down, like those offered by Down & Feather Company, can significantly elevate your sleep sanctuary.

Our Unique Down Comforter Features

Our stunning comforter collection boasts:

  • A baffle-box design to optimize down lift,
  • Hungarian goose down filling, cruelty-free,
  • Specialized care instructions for easy care and cleaning,
  • Duvet hooks to help keep your down comforter from shifting while inside its down comforter protector, and
  • Our legendary Goose Down logo guarantees an original product brought to you by Down & Feather Company.
Down comforter draped over bed
Care label attached to down comforter
our unique duvet hooks are on all our down comforters

Quality Checks To Look For In Down Comforters

These certifications provide assurance to consumers about the safety, quality, and ethical production of the down comforter, addressing both environmental and social concerns related to its manufacturing process.

  • OEKO-TEX® Certification: This certification ensures that the materials used in the product, including the down and fabric, have been tested for harmful substances. When a down comforter is OEKO-TEX® certified, it means that it has met stringent criteria regarding human-ecological safety, indicating that the product is free from harmful chemicals and safe for use.

  • RDS (Responsible Down Standard) Certification: This certification ensures that the down and feathers used in the comforter come from ethically and responsibly treated geese or ducks. It verifies that the animals were not subjected to unnecessary harm, including force-feeding or live-plucking, and that they were raised in humane conditions. RDS certification assures consumers that the down used in the comforter is sourced from suppliers that prioritize animal welfare.

Down & Feather Company proudly adheres to these standards in all of our down products. Shop today!

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