Goose vs. Duck

How Does Goose Down Compare To Duck Down?


 Hungarian Goose Down verse Duck Down

Why Hungarian goose down?


We are very proud of the fact that all of our down is species specific Hungarian goose down and Hungarian goose feather. We do NOT use duck. We use ONLY Hungarian goose down to fill all of luxury down bedding for many reasons. Perhaps the most important reason is the consistent quality. One component of quality in the world of goose down is fill power and the consistency of the fill power and quality associated with Hungarian geese is incomparable.

Another reason we use Hungarian goose down from Hungary is their commitment to quality. Hungarian geese farmers take tremendous pride in knowing their luxurious Goose down is considered the finest in the world and they want to keep it that way. And finally, the ethical treatment and sustainability of Hungarian geese by Hungarian geese farmers.

Finest Quality

Geese in Hungary also tend to grow very large and only the finest down comes from the oldest and largest Hungarian geese in the gaggle. Larger geese produce a higher quality fill power down cluster. Larger down clusters are more resilient, durable, and much longer lasting.

The larger the down cluster the finer the quality the finer the quality the longer it will last. It's that simple.


Goose vs. Duck:

  1. Goose down clusters is generally larger than duck clusters.
  2. Goose down clusters is usually from larger and older geese.
  3. Goose down clusters typically have fewer odor issues unlike duck.

All of our Hungarian goose down is independently tested for cleanliness to ensure our Hypo-allergenic Guarantee. All of our down is cleaned using only soap and water ensuring that no chemicals that could damage the down are used.