Best Pillow
"I just wanted to say thank you for making the best pillow in the world! I use to wake up with headaches and pain in my neck every morning. After receiving this pillow I get a good nights sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. I even tried "My Pillow" but this pillow is the best, I will highly recommend your pillows. Thanks"
Jo V.

Perfect fit!
"Fits the 800 fill down Pillow perfectly. Keeping it clean and adding longevity. Best pillow I've ever slept on. "
Robert S.

The pillow I have been looking for!!!
"After a night of fighting my pillow and waking up with a sore neck, I was reminiscing about the pillow my brother had when we were kids and set out to find one. This is it!! My brother loved his pillow so mich he kept it for about 20 years before finally tossing it out. While this one isn't as broken in as his was (even when we were kids) it is a quality pillow that i am sure will last many years and get even more comfy than it already is each day. The past few nights Ihave slept better than I have in years. I am so happy I found these!!"
Kevin P.

standard 22 oz pillow

I went with the extra firm pillow.
"Excellent for side sleeping. A+ customer care."
Wade J.

Best Pillow Ever
"This pillow has actually helped my issues with insomnia and allows me to stay cooler at night when sleeping!! It's gteat!!"
Luanne S.

Pillow Protector
"The pillow protector fits the pillow perfectly and does not affect the feel of the pillow. "
Don C.

Natural Nights 800 Fill Power Goose Down Pillows - King
"They are fantastic. I would definitely recommend"
Chester G.

Love the pillow
"Full, fluffy and comfortable. Nice not waking up with neck pain I get with traditional pillows. "
Michael C.

Snuggle Soft 800 Fill Power Goose Down Pillows
"The very best pillows I have ever owned"
Eric K.

Down Pillow
"I purchased this pillow because I was experiencing increasing neck pain. I used the web site to select the pillow and, much to my delight, it has solved my problem. WOW!"
Jeff M.

great service

Super comfortable pillow
"Easy purchase and fast delivery"
Charles R.

Toddler Loves the Down Comforter!
"I was hesitant about purchasing, but I noticed my toddler sweats under every blanket I bought him. The only one he slept comfortably under was ours- a down blanket. Once I purchased this comforter I had zero regrets! My baby loves how cozy it is, and says it feels like a “cloud.” His body temperature is now regulated and he doesn’t wake up sweaty. We love this! I know that as soon as he switches to a twin bed, I will be getting him a twin size comforter from here too."
Elliot M.

"Love my new pillows!!"
Carol K.

Great Pillow
"Great company. I have ordered from them twice without any problems. Their feather pillows are great!"
Patricia M.

Good Pillow
"Very happy with the feather pillow I purchased. "
Steve K.

Kenneth B.

Love this pillow!
"Great for travel. "
Debora G.

Love it!
"It's a "dreamy" experience! I love it. I'm neither too warm nor too cool and I can once again sleep with my windows open."
Claudia L.

Feathered pillow
"Excellent, Fantastic quality pillow at reasonable price."
Michelle S.

Best pillow ever
"Good service, best pillow I ever had, really!"
Joyce S.

Best pillow ever!
"Once I became accustomed to Tempurpedic pillows, then those pillows are not like they used to be, I began the very long, tedious, painful, and expensive journey to find a pillow I could sleep with. If I had only bought this pillow in the beginning I would have saved not only a lot of money but an ocean of pain and suffering as well! Do yourself a favor, suck it up and spend the money, (I know it is a lot), but after years of buying worthless pillows I would have saved money if I had only bought this very comfortable pillow first."
John T.

Finest quality cotton you will ever need. Wish I had all our bed linens made of this high end, super soft cotton fabric.
"Everyone was very attentive and professional."
Joan P.

Adore my new pillow!!
"Love vet my Snuggle Soft pillow. After years of trying every pillow ever made ( or close to it!) I have finally found the right one. The customer service is fantastic, too, great communication, patient, helpful. Could not be happier!!"
Colleen M.

Much needed!
"This pillow protector is a must! You won't find a pillowcase like this in the store. I highly recommend!!"
Sara B.

Great Pillow
"When I first got the pillow, I thought it was too full but after using it a week or so, it is just right. I did not think I would ever be able to replace the old ones I was using. I will order some more."
Patricia M.

great pillow
"The pillow is great and should last a long time"
Lorna D.

Pillow review
"My experience was fine. Item shipped to me as promised. I first purchased an extra extra firm original feather pillow. This was like a rock. I then ordered an extra firm original feather pillow. This one is ok but I would like one between each of these. The extra firm seems a bit to soft. Is this possible? Otherwise all is good and quality is excellent. "
Dave F.
Hi Dave. Of course! And, we will do it for FREE under our Perfect Pillow Policy. Just reach out to use using our Contact Us page found at the bottom of the website. - Down & Feather Co.

Snuggle Soft 800 fill power
"I love my new pillow! I only bought it without feeling it first because of the free adjustment policy. I have the medium density and it is definitely softer than the last "medium" down pillow I bought at a department store, but it's perfect. Worth the money. My husband and kids are not allowed near it. "
Susan P.