Perfect pillow
"I could not be more pleased with my pillow. It is the perfect firmness and my next issues disappeared. Nothing like you can get at the national big box stores."
Virginia A.
My Satisfaction
"Absolutely phenomenal"
Wanda D.
"I've had pain in my shoulder for years. After my first use, this pain is almost vanished. Truly a testament to having good support from your pillow. Love, love, love it. As an added bonus, the pillow is the perfect firmness for me. As a side and back sleeper, having a pillow I can mold is a must. Again, love the pillow. "
Sheila F.
Follow up to mg follow up.
"Love it. Now want a feather bed. Am allergic to all synthetic stuffings out there in the market everywhere and every fabric used in the manufacturing of same today. I sleep uncomfortably in a faux-leather recliner, up to now without a pillow, and now I'm asleep immediately without struggling. Thank you all Hungarian geese out there!"
Judith M.
So good!
"Goosefeather pillow too. Needing a bed to go with it as I am sleeping in a chair due to everything else on the market bring polyurethane, polyester, foam, and a form of plastic, to which gas emissions my lungs are sensitive to and allergic. "
Judith M.
Best Pillow Ever!
"This is the best pillow ever! It's like sleeping on a cloud. I'm mainly a back sleeper and occasionally sleep on my side. I am a nurse with neck and back pains and after a 12 hour shift all I want a good night's sleep. I've tried more pillows than I'd like to admit. I've been searching for a pillow with a soft cloud like feeling with enough support under my neck without having to fluff, reposition and stuff back all night long and I finally found it in this pillow. It's amazing! This is my first 850 fill power pillow and what a difference. I've had several down pillows but never one with more than 700 FP. The quality of this pillow is superior as well, with nice material, excellent stitching and never have down escaping through the case. I fluff it once before bed and find myself waking up still in the same position I went to sleep in and don't have the headaches I use to wake up with. I absolutely love it and wouldn't change a thing. "
Kristie S.
More than expected
"Super soft yet very firm. I loved them from the first night. And I was very happy to learn that I can have them serviced to almost brand new. "
Louis A.
Love these pillows
"Great night sleep!!"
Betty T.
"Slept better from the first night. I had been using all down pillows that didn't have the support feathers provide. I had tried a My Pillow that was very uncomfortable. Premium fill pillows would lose their shape. I tried 2 of these, and I will be buying more for the rest of the house. Thank you."
Edwin C.
This is a GREAT pillow
"When my old us navy pillow finally fell apart I had to find a replacement, and the D&F original queen feather pillow did it. High quality cover, perfect fill amount, maintains form. It’s GREAT."
John D.
My New Feather Pillow
"Love It Sleeping wonderfully with it I sleep on my stomach and side and it works great for me "
Marcus G.
Down and feather company pillows are by far the best pillows!
"I love all my down and feather company pillows! I have given some to family members who fall in love with them instantly. They are top quality, beautiful pillows and perfect for each person’s needs and comfort based on all the great information they provide as a guide to choosing the best pillow for your situation, including neck pain. They also have a 30 night comfort guatentee...or your money back. And, they have a perfect pillow policy where they will adjust your pillow density for free for one year after purchase. I believe they are a small, family run USA company too!"
Annette M.
My First Feather Pillow also used for a travel pillow-Love it!
"I bought the My First Feather Pillow-Toddler for a travel pillow and I love it. I also bought the Standard Feather Pillow too and I am very satisfied with both products since my neck pain has significantly decreased and I am sleeping MUCH BETTER! I wish I had done this sooner. I am very satisfied with the customer service as well since the website made ordering very easy and it was delivered in just a few days. "
Lori C.
Found the perfect pillow
"I’ve had a difficult time finding a “ true” feather pillow, but once I found Down & Feather, my problem was solved. It’s exactly what was advertised and I’m a happy camper!"
Michael B.
"Wonderful feeling pillow excellent night sleep "
susan h.
toddler pillos
"excellent quality and the right size for little people"
Jennifer Y.
Very good product
"Everything David explained to me about pillows was very good I am very happy with your product and I would buy another one Richard A Young"
Richard A.
I LOVE my down and feather company pillows!
"I just received my medium feather pillow. I finally have no neck pain in the morning. It took me a long time to fine the right pillow but it sooo worth it. I had bought their firm goose down pillow about a year ago and before the year was up I requested their perfect pillow policy and they upgraded my pillow to an extra firm for free! But it seems for my neck problems, the “feather” pillow where I don’t sink in works great! I now use my extra firm goos down pillow to lay my arm over when I’m on my side to keep my neck from pulling forward and keep my back physical therapist taught me that...what a difference on my back and neck! I highly recommend this company...high quality, friendly, and knowledgeable."
Annette M.
sleeping on a cloud
"We were so excited to receive our new pillows. My husband suffers from extreme neck pain. After trying numerous pillows, FINALLY, one that when he wakes in the morning is pain free!!! We took the pillow quiz and ordered accordingly. It really is amazing to have a good nights rest. "
Carmel S.
Fixing the issue
"They were true to the promise of a perfect pillow "
Mary M.
I Love My Pillow
"I had a feather pillow my grandmother gave me when I was just a little tyke, but I lost it years ago during a move. Since then, I have been trying to find a pillow like my first, but every one I've tried has never had any support, and were nothing like my first pillow. Recently, after a few nights of waking up with a really bad stiff neck, I decided I was going to find a quality feather pillow that was just like my first one. After watching a few videos, and reading some articles about what makes a quality down or feather pillow, I came across Down & Feather Co. I didn't have high expectations, but I figured I couldn't lose with their 30 day guaranty, 1 year perfect pillow policy, and 10 year warranty (I mean really, come on. Who does that?). However, the one problem with buying a pillow online is the same as buying anything online; you can't try it. I sleep on my stomach, and every pillow website says stomach sleeps should go with a very soft, thin pillow. I knew I don't like thin, soft pillows, so I went with a medium pillow. I tried it for a few weeks, but unfortunately it was too soft for me. The great thing is I was able to send it back with D&F's perfect pillow policy, and get it upgraded to extra firm. The turn around time was very fast, their customer service was great, and the pillow is now perfect. I don't know if it's the head and neck support, or the euphoria I experience from nostalgia, but I haven't slept this good in years. It really is just like my old pillow but with a little more fluff. "
Snuggle Soft 850 Fill Power Goose Down Pillow
"It's a great pillow. I've had a Feather & Down Co. down pillow since 2016 and I cannot sleep without it now. If I travel it goes with me."
Kathleen W.
What I was hoping for
"I have purchased so many pillows over the years, trying to find the right balance between comfort and support. For me, this pillow accomplishes both. I was prepared to, once again, be disappointed, but was pleasantly surprised instead. It is just what I was looking for."
Daniel S.
Pillow order
"Very good customer service. I had to return the pillow (firm) because it was too firm. They took it back and refilled it to medium with no problem. Nice pillow, am happy with it."
barbara j.
Excellent t
"Bought a toddler pillow for my two year old and he loves it! Small and not to fluffy for him. Customer service was awesome and very informative when I called about ordering a pillow for myself. Will definitely be ordering again from this company!"
Audrey D.
Original Feather Pillow
"Your Original Feather Pillow is a quality product. It is very comfortable and has reduced my neck pain. I'm very happy to have found a genuine goose feather pillow like the one I used to have. Customer service is friendly and prompt, too."
Theresa W.
Wonderful feather pillows
"Right when we received our goose feather pillows it was a dream to sleep!! Wonderfully soft for a firm pillow giving top notch support but not jacking our neck. "
Darlene C.
So soft
"Peaceful sleep "
Melissa Chaney
Two great pillows are better than five bad ones!
"I recently purchased two Natural Nights medium fill pillows to replace five pillows which I have been fighting with for years. I had kept purchasing cheap pillows thinking more would solve my comfort issue. And finally, after recently purchasing a pillow off an infomercial, (I won’t name any names, but it starts with “my” and ends in “-illow”) and being very dissatisfied, I decided to do some real research and invest in some true pillows that will last a lifetime. I have had my two natural nights pillows for over a week now and am very pleased with how comfortable they are. 1 medium pillow is perfect for sleeping, and I use the second to prop up while reading. They really provide great support and comfort. I did away with my other pillows, and only wish that I had made this purchase sooner! I will be returning customer and would definitely recommend to a friend. "
Patrick W.