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ONLY Hungarian Goose Down. block image

ONLY Hungarian Goose Down.

All Down & Feather Co. Hungarian goose down comes from Hungarian geese and is used to fill every single down product manufactured. We don't use cheaper quality duck like some of our competitors. Hungarian goose down is the finest down in the world

Fast & Free Delivery block image

Fast & Free Delivery

Spend $150, Get FREE Shipping. All orders over $150 are shipped FAST & FREE to the continental US

Poke-Less. block image


Poke-Less. Down & Feather Co. Hungarian goose down pillows won't poke you. Our Hungarian goose down feather pillows might though.

10 Year Guarantee. block image

10 Year Guarantee.

(10) Years - All Down & Feather Company™ down comforters, down pillows, down mattress toppers and feather beds come with a 30 Night Satisfaction Guarantee in addition to our 10 Year Guarantee

NO Sales Tax. block image

NO Sales Tax.

NO Sales Tax! You pay no sales tax unless your order is being shipped to the state of Texas.

30 Night Comfort Guarantee. block image

30 Night Comfort Guarantee.

All Down & Feather Company™ down comforters, down pillows, down mattress toppers and feather beds come with a 30 Night Satisfaction Guarantee in addition to our 10 Year Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your comforter, pillow or feather bed, simply return it in new condition, within 30 days from the DATE OF RECEIPT and we will issue a refund less our shipping costs after receipt and inspection.

Hypo-Allergenic. block image


Guaranteed Hypo-Allergenic. One of the most important and expensive components of our luxury down bedding is the cleaning process. All Down & Feather Co. Hungarian goose down and goose feathers are washed using a multi-step process with ONLY soap and water.

Perfect Pillow Policy. block image

Perfect Pillow Policy.

FREE Pillow Adjustments - If your goose down pillow, feather pillow or decorative pillow firmness isn't perfect we will gladly adjust its firmness FREE for one (1) year from the date of purchase. It's that simple. You only pay for shipping

Made-To-Order. block image


All Down Bedding is Made-To-Order We don't make it until you order it. All of our products are made 'fresh' and brand new at the time of your order. Never shipped from a warehouse or distribution center where they could break down or begin to smell.

Care Instructions. block image

Care Instructions.

Easy to care for. Each and every down product that leaves the manufacturing facility has our care instructions for that down bedding piece sewn into the pillow, down comforter or featherbed.

We get a lot of great questions frompotential customers about ourluxury line of down bedding. Some of their questions we get more frequently than others so we thought it might make some sense to ask the expert on luxury down bedding and the President and Founder of Down & Feather Company, David Smith.

Q: What's the difference between all the fill powers?

The rule of thumb is the higher the fill power the higher the quality. There is another component to quality that involves the percentage of down cluster for a given fill power but that can get confusing.

Q: Where do you use a feather bed?

Typically placed on top of the mattress and under the fitted sheet. We highly recommend a feather bed protector to add to the longevity of your feather bed or mattress topper.

Q: Why do I need a pillow protector, Feather bed protector or a pillow case?

You need to protect your investment. The trick is adding a protector that doesn't impact the performance of the down product. The quality and design of our protectors will significantly increase the life of any down product without impacting the performance.

Q: Why? What happens to the down clusters?

The reason you want to use a pillow or feather bed protector is to keep oils and moisture from your skin away from the down so your down bedding will last longer.

Q: What do you recommend when it comes to caring for your down pillow, down comforter or feather bed?

A protector. Hungarian goose down is a completely organic material that when exposed to moisture or the oils from you skin can cause it to break down and loose its resilience and loft. The longer you can keep your down bedding from that exposure the longer it will last.

Q: How do I clean my down pillow or down comforter if i spill something on it?

You have a couple of options. You can take it to a Dry Cleaner that specializes in down bedding. Depending on the stain you can send it to us or you can us Blanc Plume which we highly recommend.

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