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by David Smith

Last Updated: 5/17/22

If you’ve been searching for the best down pillows for back sleepers, you’re in the right place! Here at Down & Feather, we recommend firm pillows to alleviate neck pain and to support the spine. We’ve compiled a list of the best down pillows for back sleepers.

1. Medium-Firm Down Pillows

Back sleepers require a different kind of pillow than stomach or side sleepers for optimal sleep. Pillows for stomach sleepers are generally too low and those for side sleepers are too high to provide back sleepers with the right comfort. Down pillows for back sleepers should allow for spinal alignment. The neck shouldn’t be arched too far upward and the head shouldn’t sink into the pillow too deeply.

Medium-firm down pillows are the best down pillows for back sleepers. Down & Feather’s medium-density pillows are filled with 650 to 850 fill power Hungarian white goose down for maximum comfort so you can sleep better and wake rested and refreshed.

2. The FiberGel™ Down Alternative Pillow

The FiberGel™ Down Alternative Pillow is another fantastic down pillow for back sleepers. As our first down alternative pillow, this hypoallergenic option isn’t actually a gel, but rather a polyester fiber spun as thin as a strand of hair. Our down-alternative pillow provides far more support than most traditional retailers’ pillows of similar densities. The interior fibers allow it to sleep “thicker and heavier” than down filling. This pillow comes in soft, medium, firm, and extra-firm densities and with a 30-night comfort guarantee.

3. The Snuggle Soft Classic Feather Pillow

The Snuggle Soft Classic Feather Pillow is a great pillow for back sleepers who turn to their stomach during the night. It’s RDS-certified, allergen-free, and made using 75% Hungarian goose feather and 25% Hungarian goose down. Available in soft, medium, firm, and extra-firm densities, this pillow is nice and heavy, meaning you’ll sleep more on it than in it. Customers love this pillow option, with one customer saying: “The best pillow ever!!! I bought this for my wife, a nurse, who has been having trouble finding a decent pillow that doesn’t cause her to wake up with neck pain. She was a little skeptical but quickly fell in love with it! I was worried because she has many allergies, but she has had no issues whatsoever!”

How to choose down pillows for back sleepers

  1. Your Sleep Surface (Mattress Firmness)
  2. Your Sleep Style (Side, Back, Stomach)

1. Sleep Surface Mattress Firmness

No matter if you sleep on the floor, a foam mattress, or a mattress with a pillow top, it is important to understand that your sleeping surface impacts your neck and, in turn, your quality of sleep.

NOTICE: When your mattress is softer, you will compress the sleep surface. This reduces the area your pillow needs to fill.

2. Sleep Style (Back Sleepers)

Firm Mattress
Back sleepers on a ‘firm’ surface mattress only lightly compress their sleep surface. This means a firmer pillow is required to properly support the head. A firm pillow should accompany a firmer sleep surface. Firm Down Pillows

Medium Mattress
On a ‘medium’ surface mattress, back sleepers compress the sleeping surface. This means a medium pillow is necessary for proper head support. Medium Down Pillows

Soft Mattress
Back sleepers on a ‘soft’ surface mattress heavily compress the sleeping surface. As a result, they need a soft pillow for proper head support. Soft Down Pillows

Pillow Density Formula

Sleep Surface + Sleep Style = Recommended Pillow Density


A woman of average height (~ 5’3) who tends to sleep on her back on a pillow top mattress would typically need a soft to medium density pillow.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Selecting a pillow is a very personal decision. Our recommended pillow formula is merely a guideline to help you choose the perfect pillow for you.

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