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Perfect Pillow Policy

Free Pillow Adjustment:

If the goose down pillow or feather pillow you purchased from us isn't perfect we will gladly adjust its firmness FREE for one (1) year from the date of purchase. It's that simple. You only pay for shipping the pillow to us for the FREE Adjustment. Once adjusted we ship the pillow back to you for FREE.

What is a Pillow Adjustment?

You ship us your Down & Feather Co. sleep pillow. We add, make thicker, or we remove, to make thinner your pillow. Material removed for a thinner adjustment cannot be returned. Once your pillow is adjusted we send it back to you at our expense in a brand new box and include a FREE Pillow Storage & Travel Bag. It's that simple.

Pillow Adjustment Guidelines:

We will adjust any of our standard, queen or king size down pillows or feather pillows one (1) density level higher or lower than the density level of the original order. For example: If you order a  Medium Density pillow, and you need to have it adjusted, we will adjust it to 'FIRM' or 'SOFT' for FREE.

  • Only one (1) pillow adjustment per pillow.
  • Pillows can only be adjusted one density level for FREE.
  • Pillows can only be adjusted in density/thickness and not dimension.
  • Once your pillow is adjusted it is not eligible for return.
  • Only shipped and delivered pillows are eligible. 
  • Only Standard, Queen, King & Euro size pillows are eligible.

Pillow Adjustment Process:

This is a customer driven and initiated process. Once we receive your pillow for adjustment and log it into our system please allow 7 - 10 business days for us to adjust your pillow. Some pillows may need to be cleaned before we can adjust them. You will receive email notification when your adjusted pillow is shipped. 

Shipping Costs for Pillow Adjustments:

We will adjust it for FREE and ship it back to you for FREE*. You're only responsible for getting the pillow back to us for the FREE adjustment. Once a pillow is adjusted it is not longer eligible for a second adjustment under our Perfect Pillow Policy. We do not apply a credits for pillows adjusted thinner and we cannot send the raw material with proper labeling as required by law. In the event you send your pillow requesting an additional adjustment you will be responsible for any additional; labor, material and return shipping before the pillow will be returned.


*FREE Shipping for adjusted pillows ONLY applies to pillows being shipped to the 48 contiguous United States. 

Pillow Adjustment Center

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