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Our Brands

Down & Feather Co.® Luxury Down Bedding Brands

If you are looking for luxury down bedding made from premium quality Hungarian goose down meticulously sorted and cleaned and then wrapped in luxurious Long staple Egyptian cotton? Look no further than our Quality Rest™, Snuggle Soft™ and Natural Nights™ brands of down pillows, feather pillows, down comforters and feather beds. We are a luxury down bedding company with a passion for providing uncompromised quality.

The goal is excellence. Not to be the biggest but to be known for uncompromising made-to-order quality, the finest quality. A small handful of people taking the time to sort, sew and fill luxurious cotton shells with premium quality hand selected Hungarian goose down cluster and goose down feather. We have taken our years of experience to find the finest raw materials to provide you with the finest in luxury down bedding. Brands Sold Exclusively by Down & Feather Company®.

Whether you are first time buyer or just looking to replace your existing down comforter, down pillow or feather bed it is an exciting time. At Down & Feather Company® we realize you have many choices and appreciate you considering our down comforters, pillows, featherbeds, and linens. Obviously, we would love to have your business but we have found that a well educated customer is the best kind of customer.

D&FCo.™ Original Feather Pillows

the original feather pillow



It's the pillow that started it all. Sold through Down & Feather Company® via our website and now on Amazon. It's filled with 100% premium quality hand-selected Hungarian goose feather. Our D&FCo.™ brand of original feather pillows is available in your choice of soft, medium, firm and extra-firm. Wrapped in an old fashion blue and white striped cotton shell and sealed using original knife edge stitching.

Snuggle Soft™ Pillows, Comforters & Feather Beds

The best down pillows


Sold EXCLUSIVELY through Down & Feather Company® via our website and filled with premium quality Hungarian goose down our Snuggle Soft™ brand of pillows are available in your choice of luxurious 650, 750 or 850 fill power down fill or our Classic feather pillow stuffed with 75% feather and 25% down. All of our Snuggle Soft™ pillows are made using a double shell design with double stitched corded edges for a luxurious finished look and feel.

The Snuggle Soft™ Classic feather pillow is (75%) feather and only (25%) down. Our feather pillows are heavier than down pillows and love to be scrunched up or folded into the perfect sleeping position either under your head, between your knees or behind your back. Since feather pillows contain feathers it is not uncommon for a feather or two to sneak their way out during all the scrunching and folding.

Our Snuggle Soft™ goose down pillows are made of down clusters which are much lighter and last longer than feathers. Down pillows have had the large feathers separated out during the sorting process and contain few if any feathers that would normally poke through a typical feather pillow.


Natural Nights® Pillows, Comforters & Feather Beds

the finest down pillows


Natural Nights®, sold EXCLUSIVELY through Down & Feather Company® via our website, is our private label brand of eco-friendly pillows filled with premium quality Hungarian goose down for those with skin sensitivities. The 312 thread count Egyptian cotton shells are all natural in color because all the dyes, chemicals and fire retardants have been removed from the cotton leaving an all natural cotton fabric for those that may be sensitive to cotton or have skin sensitivities.

As a consumer you should be looking for both the highest quality down, determined by using fill power, but also be looking for a down comforter designed to allow the down fill to reach it maximum loft. The design that allows down to reach its maximum loft is a baffle box design like all of our premium down comforters featured above (save the classic). A baffle box design allows the down, not the feathers (we don't use feathers in our any of our down comforters) to reach their maximum loft thus providing you with the maximum amount of insulation to keep you cozy warm at night.

Quality Rest® Down Pillows & Comforters

quality rest goose down pillows


QualityRest® Down Pillows and Down Comforters are Exclusively sold by Down & Feather Company® via the Amazon marketplace. They are filled with premium quality European white goose down, are designed around the sleeping temperature (SleepTemp) of your bedroom while you sleep and NOT the temperature outside or where you live. Today's technology gave us so much control over the temperature of our homes that regardless of the weather outside we can be completely comfortable inside.

Quality of the yarn, or cotton fiber, is one of the most important components when manufacturing the ticking or shell used to contain the down fill of a down comforter. The quality of the yarn is basically a function of the length of the cotton fiber. So the longer the fiber the higher the quality of the finished goods. The finest quality yarn, or cotton fiber, use a long-staple cotton fiber found primarily in northern Africa or Egypt. The longer the cotton fiber the smoother, stronger and finer the yarn can be woven.Finer woven fabric means better quality and higher thread count.

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