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Down Pillows for Male Side Sleepers

Choosing the right down pillow depends on several factors:

  1. Your Sleep Surface (Mattress Firmness)
  2. Your Sleep Style (Side, Back, Stomach)
  3. Your Shoulder Width (Comfort Gap)

1. Sleep Surface Mattress Firmness

No matter if you sleep on the floor, a foam mattress, or a mattress with a pillow top, it is important to understand that your sleeping surface impacts your neck and, in turn, your quality of sleep.

NOTICE: When your mattress is softer, your shoulder will compress the sleep surface. This reduces the area your pillow needs to fill.

Did you know? 65% of Americans sleep on their side as their primary sleep position.

2. Sleep Style (Male Side Sleepers)

Roughly 2/3rds of people sleep primarily on their side. This creates what we refer to as a “Comfort Gap.” The Comfort Gap is the area between the crown of the shoulder & the side of your head. When you sleep on your side, a pillow needs to fill this Comfort Gap to provide you with the proper support.

Firm Mattress
Male Side sleepers who sleep on a firm mattress have the largest comfort gap to fill. A firmer pillow is necessary to appropriately fill this gap. Extra Firm Down Pillows

Medium Mattress
A softer mattress allows the side sleeper's shoulder to press slightly into the sleep surface, reducing the size of the of comfort gap. A down pillow of Firm density is required to keep the spine straight. Firm Down Pillows

Soft Mattress
Male Side sleepers who sleep on a soft mattress require an even softer down pillow to maintain proper spine alignment due to the shoulder pressing deeper into the sleep surface. Medium Down Pillows

3. Shoulder Width Comfort Gap

When you sleep on your side the area between the crown of the shoulder & the side of your head is called the comfort gap. The broader the shoulders and firmer mattress greater the size of the comfort gap.

The goal is to fill the comfort gap with the correct down pillow density to keep your spine as straight as possible when lying on your side. This position replicates standing with perfect posture! The end result is that you’ll rest more comfortably all night long.

Pillow Density Formula

Sleep Surface + Sleep Style + Shoulder Width = Recommended Pillow Density


A man of average height (~ 5’9) who tends to sleep on his side on a pillow top mattress would typically need a Firm to Extra Firm Density Pillow.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Selecting a pillow is a very personal decision. Our recommended pillow formula is merely a guideline to help you choose the perfect pillow for you.

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