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King Size Pillow Cases

Browse our king size pillow cases today and enjoy the highest tiers of comfort every time you rest your head! Our king size pillow cases measure 20” by 40” and are made from 100% fine Egyptian cotton. Designed to fit both queen size pillows and king size bed pillows, these cases are a must-have addition to your luxury down bedspread. Choose from 400, 500, and 600 thread counts to add years of longevity to your luxury down pillows.

Virtuoso 600 Thread Count Pillow Cases King Pair - White

600 Thread count solid sateen pillowcases featuring a double row hemstitch detail on the hem - 4" cuff. Two (2) cases per pack. Machine wash in cold water. Tumble dry low, remove promptly.



Lyric 500 Thread Count Pillow Cases King Pair - White

500 Thread count long-staple Egyptian cotton. Two (2) pillow cases per pack. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Tumble dry low, remove promptly.



Duet 400 Thread Count Pillow Cases King Pair - White

A traditional design made of beautiful Damask woven stripe fabric available in your choice of white, natural or gold.




Q: What is the size of a king size pillow case?

Our king size pillowcases measure 20" x 40", providing plenty of room to fit on either a queen or a king size pillow.

Q: Why choose our Egyptian cotton king size pillow cases?

Renowned for their exceptional softness, Egyptian cotton king pillow cases provide a luxurious feel against the skin, promoting a more comfortable and restful sleep experience.

Egyptian cotton is highly absorbent to wick away moisture and keep you cool throughout the night. With superior craftsmanship and timeless elegance, our Egyptian cotton king size pillow cases serve as a worthwhile investment in both comfort and style for your bedroom sanctuary.

Q: How do I care for my luxury king size pillow cases?

Proper care for your king size pillow cases is crucial to maintain their softness and longevity. A best rule-of-thumb is to wash your pillowcases regularly, at least every 1-2 weeks. This helps remove oils, dirt, and sweat that accumulate over time.

When washing, opt for a gentle cycle using cold or warm water, as hot water can damage the fabric.

Use a mild liquid detergent designed for delicate fabrics and avoid bleach or harsh chemicals, which can weaken fibers and cause discoloration.

When drying your pillow cases, choose a low heat setting in the dryer or air dry them to prevent shrinkage and maintain fabric integrity. Egyptian cotton typically wrinkles less than other fabrics, so you shouldn’t need to iron them.

Finally, store your pillow cases in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture, avoiding tight folding to prevent creasing. Following these steps will help preserve the softness and quality of your king size pillow cases for years to come.

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