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California King Down Comforters

Browse our collection of California King down comforters filled with 100% white Hungarian goose down. Made with Egyptian cotton, every one of our Cal. King down comforters are custom-made and tailored to your comfort.

Snuggle Soft 800 Year-Round Batiste Down Comforter Cal. King

Our most popular duvet the Snuggle Soft 800 Year-round Hungarian white goose down comforter is made with the lightest batiste down proof fabric in a baffle box design.

$2,950 $3,933 (You save $983)


Natural Nights® 700 Year-Round Down Comforters Cal. King

The Natural Nights® 700 Year-round weight Hungarian white goose down comforter wrapped with all natural Certified organic Egyptian long-staple cotton.



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Q: What is a down comforter?

When you think of the perfect down comforter, sometimes referred to as a duvet, the first word that probably pops into your head is comfort. That is because the number one thing you should look for in your bedding accessories is comfort. Down and Feather Company understands this better than anyone which is why we make our down comforters with the highest quality materials on the planet.

Q: What is the best down comforter and why is it important?

When you are lying in bed getting ready to get a good night’s sleep before your day begins tomorrow, you want to make sure that everything surrounding you suits your needs. A lot of people will make sure to get the high-thread count sheets, maybe even a down or feather pillow made from top-quality materials, but one thing that is often over looked is the comforter. Most people just assume that every comforter is the same, and will give them the same experience. Down and Feather Company is here to tell you that not all comforters are created equal, and the comforter you choose could affect all facets of your life.

Q: What is the difference between down comforters?

In terms of the variety of comforters that we sell, there are two that you can choose between. These are our Natural Nights or Snuggle Soft lines. Each will wrap your body in the most luxurious fabric, and will not only keep you warm, but will make you feel like you are staying in a five-star hotel.

The Natural Nights down comforter is made with an Egyptian cotton shell, the finest cotton in the world. It is Ivory colored, and is certified organic. It is double row stitched with a corded perimeter, giving your comforter a look that screams high-quality. Natural Nights is filled with 750 fill power Hungarian white goose down, the same as its down pillow counterpart. Hungarian white goose down is known for its ability to trap air, giving your comforter a fluffy feel that controls its temperature throughout the night.

Our Snuggle Soft down comforter is our top-of-the-line product. Much like the Natural Nights comforter, it is filled with Hungarian white goose down, but with an 850 fill power. It is also wrapped in Egyptian cotton, but is Pearl colored and features a double row stitch with a satin perimeter. Its true baffle box design keeps the down in place, eliminating lumps and controlling temperature over many uses. The combination of Egyptian cotton and satin perimeter allows for the most comfortable sleeping experience you will ever have. One look will let you know that you have found a down comforter that is the height of luxury.

Q: What is a baffle box down comforter?

Baffle box down comforters are the most difficult and expensive design for a down comforter. The baffles are internal vertical walls that connect the outer fabric. Almost like a honey comb filled with our Hungarian white goose down. This creates a very three dimensional box that allows the down to reach it's maximum loft without being compressed by the stitching of other quilted designs.

Q: What is a sewn-thru or stitch-thru down comforter?

Sewn-thru down comforters are basically quilited on a very large and specialized quilting machine. The quilting process sews the outer fabric together pitching the down away from the stitch lines creating beautiful boxes most associated with down comforters at most big box retailers. Sometimes also referred to as box stitching this design in many ways is more ideal for those that sleep much hotter or with higher bedroom temperatures.

Q: What is the best down comforter for me?

Both styles come in three different weights: lightweight, year-round, or winter. The lightweight style is for areas that generally have a warm climate and for people that wish to have a comforter that gently covers them, and is perfect for those warm summer nights. Year-round is the most versatile weight, with the ability to keep you warm, while not smothering you. It is great for temperate climates, and is wonderful for a typical spring or autumn evening. However, in the dead of winter, when the air is crisp and sitting by a roaring fire sounds amazing, our winter weight is perfect for you. It is thick, cozy, and is guaranteed to keep you warm.

Furthermore, both comforters come in a variety of sizes that can accommodate any bed. We sell toddler, twin, queen, king, and California king, so no matter what size bed you prefer to sleep on, we can make sure you are getting the most lavish bedding. They also both come with our 30 night comfort guarantee, which means if you are not satisfied with the comfort level our products give you, you can return it within 30 days in new condition with a full refund. However, we think you will only need one night to know you made the right choice.

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