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Exercises for sleep

Exercises for better sleep The benefits of exercise go beyond just weight loss and competing in athletic events. Regular exercise helps you sleep better. However, what exercise you do and when you do it can af [...]

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How to fall asleep faster

Fastest ways to fall asleep faster We all know sleep is important, and the faster you fall asleep, the quicker you can get your sleep rhythms rocking and rolling, so to speak. But how can you fall asleep faste [...]

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Original Feather Pillow

The Original Feather Pillow by David Smith The pillow that started it all. With over 100 years of pillow making and design experience, the Down & Feather Co. Original Feather Pillow is just like the one at [...]

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How to choose pillows

by David Smith What is a Snuggle Soft down pillow? Your Snuggle Soft 800 Fill Power Standard Size Goose Down Pillow shell is a sateen weave made using long staple Egyptian cotton pearl white in color. Long stap [...]

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