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The Sleep Foundation ranks its favorite pillows: How do we stack?

By David Smith has ranked its favorite pillows. How do our pillows stack?  Down & Feather Co. made two of's most popular "best of" lists on their highly rated website [...]

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When should I wash my sheets?

By David Smith We get asked regularly, "When should I wash my sheets?" The answer might surprise you.  When staying at a hotel or resort, the staff comes in to change your sheets daily, unless you request they [...]

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Pressful Takes the Perfect Pillow Quiz

by David Smith Landon with Pressful joined David Smith, founder and CEO of Down & Feather Company to talk about a revolutionary product and service that's going to help you get the best night's sleep possib [...]

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What if this pillow isn't right for me?

What if this pillow isn't right for me? by David Smith How does Down & Feather continue to support customers long after the order is "complete"? Discover our 30-night guarantee, perfect pillow policy, and r [...]

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Planning Holiday Shopping: How to Plan, Shop, Ship, and Track for the 2020 Holidays

It's time to for planning holiday shopping. We hate to be "that" store putting up the Christmas stuff before Halloween, but this year, it must be done. We have both an election and a pandemic to work around, an [...]

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Key Metrics To Help You Sleep

The key step in enhancing your well-being is sleep. If you take the time to track your body metrics during your healthy times, you'll see when your body is out of sorts even before you feel it.  As a result, th [...]

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Sleeping Strengthens Immunity

Sleeping strengthens your immunity. In this time of uncertainty and staying as healthy as possible, sleeping comfortably is one of the best things you can do to help you fight off illness.  While we're in quara [...]

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10 Commandments of Sleep Hygiene

10 Commandments of Sleep Hygiene for Adults created by the World Sleep Society to help improve overall sleep and wellness: 1) Establish a regular bedtime and waking time.2) Use comfortable, inviting bedding. 3) [...]

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I received my pillow. What do I do with it? It has no instructions.

by David Smith Today we have an interesting question that came up this week that we felt was worthy of us coming together and sharing this expert knowledge. And that was, "Hey, I got my pillow and I don't have [...]

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How to fluff a flat feather pillow

by David Smith We're getting a lot of questions about feather pillows being flat. And why that happens and what we can do to fix that. So you want to learn how to unflatten them and fluff them? Take a gander (s [...]

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Pillow Protectors: Why you need to use protection

by David Smith Our first episode of Pillow Talk is all about pillow protectors. Most people think a pillow case is all you need, but pillows need an extra layer of protection. A pillow protector has a zipper; w [...]

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How to set sleep goals

New Year’s Resolutions and fresh starts are a great time to set your habits on the right path, especially sleep.  This year, our resolution is to help you achieve that goal. It’s our aim every year and all the [...]

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