When should I wash my sheets?

By David Smith

We get asked regularly, "When should I wash my sheets?" The answer might surprise you. 

When staying at a hotel or resort, the staff comes in to change your sheets daily, unless you request they not (to save water and resources). However, would you ever change your sheets daily at home? 

Conversely, many people who call in confess to not cleaning or changing their sheets in a year. 

The sweet spot is once a week. If the weekend is a great time for you to do laundry, then that's a good time to strip the bed, put on a fresh set of sheets and wash the set you've removed. 

Some people have just one set. That requires the discipline to wash, dry, and remake the bed in that one day. 

We do recommend two sets of sheets to take the pressure off yourself. 

The list to be washed: 

  • Pillow cases
  • Pillow protectors
  • Top sheet (if using)
  • Bottom sheet

 Laundry reminders

Pick your day and schedule it on your paper calendar or in the calendar on your phone. Then it just becomes part of your routine. We've set up some fun reminders for you. No purchase necessary. See the form below. 

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