10 Commandments of Sleep Hygiene

10 Commandments of Sleep Hygiene for Adults created by the World Sleep Society to help improve overall sleep and wellness:

1) Establish a regular bedtime and waking time.

2) Use comfortable, inviting bedding. 

3) Avoid excessive alcohol ingestion 4 hours before bedtime, and do not smoke.

4) Avoid caffeine 6 hours before bedtime. This includes coffee, tea and many sodas, as well as chocolate.

5) Avoid heavy, spicy, or sugary foods 4 hours before bedtime. A light snack before bed is acceptable.

6) Exercise regularly, but not right before bed.

7) If you’re in the habit of taking naps, do not exceed 45 minutes of daytime sleep.

8) Find a comfortable sleep temperature setting and keep the room well ventilated.

9) Block out all distracting noise and eliminate as much light as possible.

10) Reserve your bed for sleep and sex, avoiding its use for work or general recreation.

10 tips for better sleep

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