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Snuggle Soft 800 Year-Round Batiste Down Comforter

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Filled with Ultra-premium 800+ Fill Power Hungarian White Goose Down washed using recycled water and environmentally friendly soap. Guaranteed hypoallergenic.

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Twin Size - 40047938273328

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King Size - 40047938338864

Cal. King - 40047938371632

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Perfect Pillow Policy: FREE pillow Adjustment for 1 year

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Product Description

Our most popular down comforter is ideal for those keeping their bedroom temperature a little cooler.

This Baffle-box design is ideal for those looking for a consistent sleep temperature throughout the bedding environment from corner to corner and side to side.

Heirloom quality Snuggle Soft Year-Round Batiste Down Comforter is made using the lightest down proof fabric in the the world and then filled with the finest Hungarian white goose down in the world.

Our Batiste Down Comforter are Like sleeping under a warm cloud

Q: What is batiste?

Batiste is a classic woven plain weave fabric traditionally used to make luxury down bedding. It's very soft, light and specially woven to be ideal for down proofing.

Q: What is baffle box?

This type of comforter design and construction is not sewn through, but has a vertical wall of fabric, baffle, joining the upper and lower portions of the shell (See Ticking). Baffles allow the down fill to reach it's maximum loft and prevent the down from shifting and creating cold spots. Down comforters designed using a baffle are typically much more expensive to manufacture than a sewn-thru box construction. Baffles allow our Hungarian White Goose Down to reach it's maximum loft giving you the softest most comfortable night of quality rest.

Q: How long will it last?

Heirloom quality ensures it can be passed on from generation to generation if properly treated but Thread Count, which is mistakenly used to determine quality, is merely a measure of the density of the woven fabric. where is the quality if it's not in the Thread Count? Great question. The quality is in the fabric itself or the raw material as we like to say. More specifically the quality of the fabric is something that is determined by the fineness, length and strength of the actual fiber.

Q: Why do you add duvet hooks?

Finished with a satin corded edge and duvet hooks to add an elegant look and functional design keep your down comforter from shifting within you duvet cover. All you need to do is add buttons to the inside corners of your duvet cover to prevent your down comforter from shifting.

We also make Perfect Pillows

What's the best down comforter for me?

ANSWER: The down comforter that allows your body to maintain its natural sleep temperature so you comfortably and awake rested.

What impacts my 'Sleep Temperature'?

Men typically sleep warmer than women depending on age
The temperature you set your bedroom thermostat
The number of layers you sleep under

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