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  • FREE Pillow Adjustment for 1 Year!

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  • Made in the USA


  • RDS Certified

  • Allergen FREE

  • All Feather Fill

  • 850 Fill Power

  • Feather & Down

  • 750 Fill Power

  • 650 Fill Power

The Original Feather Pillows

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The Original Old Fashion Feather Pillows. This blue and white stripe feather pillow contains All Hungarian Goose Feather and is washed using recycled water and environmentally friendly soap. Guaranteed hypoallergenic, allergen free.

Standard Queen King Euro 26x26

Soft Medium Firm Extra Firm

$119 $158 (You save $39 - 25%)

  • FREE Shipping for +$150

  • FREE Pillow Adjustment for 1 Year!

  • 30 Days Return Guarantee

Perfect Pillow Policy: FREE pillow Adjustment for 1 year

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About Our Original Feather Pillows

Our blue and white stripe Original feather pillows are just like the ones at grandma's house. They're really great pillows, especially if you sleep on your side and sometimes move to your back or stomach.

We have different pillow sizes; standard, queen, and king that are heavy and thick, and all of them have been made using real Hungarian goose feathers. The finest feathers in the world. The feathers are very supportive, so when you lay your head on the pillow, it gives you more support than a similar pillow that's made only with down.

Sometimes a feather might poke through the pillow, but that's just the personality type of a feather pillow. We like to call these 'goosebumps' but they don't happen very often. These pillows are good at supporting your head and neck making you feel comfortable and supported when you're sleeping.

They're also finished with a double-row stitch around the perimeter for strength and longevity. so if you're looking for a long lasting pillow that can give you a good night's sleep, try our feather pillows!

The Original Feather Pillow Product Details

Q: What is The Original Feather Pillow?

The pillow that started it all. With over 100 years of pillow making and design experience, the Down & Feather Co. Original Feather Pillow is just like the one at grandma's house. This old-fashioned heavy feather pillow is filled with premium quality 100% Hungarian goose feather and wrapped in an old fashion blue and white striped cotton shell and sealed using original knife-edge stitching.

This Old Fashioned Feather Pillow is filled with premium quality 100% Hungarian goose feather and wrapped in an old fashion blue and white striped cotton shell. Using higher quality Hungarian goose feather means fewer feathers will poke you while you sleep at night. If you are looking to replace the existing pillow filled with feathers that you have had for 25, 30, or even 40 years – well, here it is.

Just remember the one you are replacing has probably become very soft and broken in after decades of use. This one is brand new and may require both love and patience to feel like the pillow you are replacing.

Q: How are feather pillows unique from our down pillows?

Our feather pillows feel much different than our down pillows. You will sleep more “ON” our heavy feathered pillows and “IN” our down pillows. The Classic Feather pillow loves to be squeezed and mashed into the perfect shape to provide you support where you need it most. When you return to bed it's just like you left and not in its original "pillow shape". The Classic is a traditional design without gussets or chambers and filled with the finest Hungarian goose feather and Hungarian white goose down for lasting support.

Q: What's the difference between the densities?

The best way to answer this question is actually to explain how we make the pillow a different density or thickness. Density; soft, medium, firm and extra firm is determined by how many ounces of down we fill the pillow with.

For example, our standard soft density 850 fill power goose down pillow has 14 ounces inside. The medium density pillow will have 16 ounces of down inside. The down inside the pillow is still very soft but now there is more of it making the pillow thicker so the pillows 'personality' of be very soft remains regardless of the amount of down used to make the pillow.

Q: Is this pillow good for side sleepers?

This feather pillow is ideal if your primary sleep style is on your side and occasionally rotating to your back or stomach. Feathers sleep a lot firmer under compression, meaning when you rest your head on them, our old-fashioned heavy feather pillows provide more support than a similar density all-down pillow. As you roll to your back you will enjoy the support provided as the feathers compress under your head while remaining soft if you roll to your stomach. If you are not experiencing the support you hoped for while sleeping on your back just slide the feather pillow down your neck and just on top of your shoulders. That will allow the pillow to shape itself more around the neck than your head for added support

Q: Can I wash feather pillows?

Feathers are pretty incredible. Nature created the feather to perform many functions, one of which, is to keep the water away from the down clusters that actually trap the air and keep the bird from freezing to death during the cold winter months. So nature added just a touch of natural oils to help feathers wick away the water in order to keep the bird dry so you do not want to wash a feather pillow.

If you strip away the natural oils from the feathers they will be brittle and break more easily while you sleep. When brittle feathers break they have a tendency to be very sharp increasing the number of feathers that will poke you.

The Original Feather Pillow

What's the best all feather pillow for side sleepers?

ANSWER: The pillow that fills your 'Comfort Gap'! That space between the crown of your shoulder and the side of your head when you sleeping on your side so your spine is as straight as possible.

What impacts my 'Comfort Gap'?

Width of your shoulders. (women vs men)
Firmness of your mattress. (i.e. water bed vs. pillow top vs. sleeping on the floor)
Sleep style (side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper)

30 Night Comfort Guarantee

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The Original Feather Pillow reviews

extra firm pillow with the thickest shoulder comfort gap

EXTRA-FIRM [Thickest]:

The extra-firm feather pillows are our thickest and heaviest feather pillows. This is one of the best feather pillows for side-to-side sleepers who prefer to rest their heads on the pillow. Additionally, the extra-firm or thickest is one of the best feather pillows for people with wide shoulders for their height or for people who sleep on a very firm bed. This is our thickest and firmest old-fashioned heavy feather pillow. It is the least malleable due to its thickness. As a consequence, it is difficult to fold and scrunch. This is due to the number of feathers required to make this pillow filled with feathers extra firm or thin. We use only Hungarian goose feathers to fill our Original Feather pillow.

FIRM [Thicker]:

The firm Original Feather pillow is about 10% thinner and lighter than our extra-firm feather pillow, depending on the size. The best feather pillows for people who sleep on their sides or who have broad shoulders include the firm Original Feather pillow. In addition, they are the best feather pillows for people who sleep side to side and tuck their arms under the pillow. Likewise, people who sleep on the corner of the pillow find this to be one of the best heavy feather pillows because they don’t feel smothered. The firm feather pillow is slightly easier to scrunch and compress. Therefore, people who punch their pillows like our firm feather pillows.

firm pillow with a thicker shoulder comfort gap
medium-density pillow with a thin shoulder comfort gap

MEDIUM [Thin]:

The thin or medium Original Feather pillows are considered the best feather pillows because these are our most popular. First, it is lighter and thinner than our thicker feather pillows. As a result, it is more versatile, which most people classify as the best feather pillows. The thin medium density pillow is easier to scrunch and fold. It’s great for sleeping in the middle of the pillow or on the corner. The feather pillow can also be stacked with medium feather pillows.

SOFT [Thinnest]:

Our thinnest and softest version of our Original feather pillow is the soft density feather pillow. Smaller people or people with less broad shoulders have declared these to be the best soft feather pillows. They are ideal for people who like to tuck one arm under their pillow while sleeping. Therefore, it is one of the best feather-soft pillows for side sleepers. The soft density feather pillows are the best feather pillows for folding, smashing, or stacking with other pillows. Additionally, the soft density feather pillow provides great support to other areas of the body, such as behind the low back or between the knees.

soft pillow with thinnest shoulder comfort gap
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