D&FCo. Original Standard Feather Pillows - (20" x 26")

Filled with All Hungarian Goose Feather washed using recycled water and environmentally friendly soap. Guaranteed hypoallergenic.

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FREE Shipping: Minimum Order $150. Perfect Pillow Policy: FREE Pillow Adjustment for (1) Year Safe and Secure Checkout.

The Original Feather pillow: The pillow that started it all. With over 100 years of pillow making and design experience the Down & Feather Co. Original Feather Pillow is just like the one at grandma's house. This old fashion pillow is filled with premium quality 100% Hungarian goose feather and wrapped in a old fashion blue and white striped cotton shell and sealed using original knife edge stitching.

Old Fashion But All New: This Old Fashioned Feather Pillow is filled with premium quality 100% Hungarian goose feather and wrapped in a old fashion blue and white striped cotton shell. Using higher quality Hungarian goose feather means fewer feathers will poke you while you sleep at night. If you are looking to replace your existing feather pillow that you have had for 25, 30 or even 40 years well here it is. Just remember the one you are replacing has probably become very soft and broken in after decades of use. This one is brand new and may require both love and patience to feel like the pillow you are replacing.

All Sleep Positions: This pillow is ideal if your primary sleep style is on your side and occasionally rotating to your back or stomach. Feathers sleep a lot firmer under compression, meaning when you rest your head on them, providing more support than a similar density all down pillow. As you roll to your back you will enjoy the support provided as the feathers compress under your head while remaining soft if you roll to you stomach. If you are not experiencing the support you hoped for while sleeping on your back just slide the pillow down you neck and just on top of your shoulders. That will allow the pillow to shape itself more around neck than your head for added support.

How clean is it?: Washing and drying down is expensive and time consuming. We never compromise on cleanliness. All of our Hungarian white goose down and goose feathers undergo rigorous cleaning using only environmentally friendly soap and recycled water while being tested by a third party to ensure our fill materials are both chemical and irritant free. And yes, it's Guaranteed Hypoallergenic.

Our Legendary Perfect Pillow Policy: If your pillow isn't perfect we will gladly adjust its firmness for FREE, one density level, for one (1) year from the date of purchase. It's that simple. You only pay for shipping the pillow to us for the FREE Adjustment.

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Brenna S.
United States

Great qualiry

I'm still breaking it in. I think it will take a long time to get it where I need it to but very high quality. I have a very old feather pillow that I need to replace, it will just take time to get it there. :)

Elizabeth S.
United States

Original Standard Feather Pillow

I had been on the search for a new pillow for a few years as my feather pillow I've had since I was a child was starting to finally fall apart. Every pillow I had bought just didn't compare and would end up in a spare room. I finally came across the Original Standard Feather Pillow and have been pleased with how comfortable it has been and liked that there were different fills options. I went with medium and it's been perfect so far.

Andrew D.
United States

Great pillow

I've been sleeping in the pillow for around a week now, and I can say it is a great pillow. I have a the company's protective cover as well as my pillow case on the pillow. No feather pokes; the pillow is very smooth. I sleep on my back and sides. The medium pillow has a good combo of height and give to be very comfortable in both sleeping positions. So far I'm very happy with my purchase.

Constance D.
United States

love this pillow

I love this pillow..Reminds me of the pillows I purchased when I first got married so many years ago.. I love that I am able to scrunch it anyway I want it - try that with a foam pillow! wont work..I cant believe how long I have been shopping for this 0 it finally occurred to me go online and I found your site..thank God for that

Kennedy, V.
United States

Finally Found The Pillows Of My Childhood!

When I was a kid I used to spend the summers in a family home on Cape Cod. The beds all had these old blue and white ticked feather pillows that were really heavy. They were so comfortable and easy to shape. As an adult I've bought many pillows, some very expensive down pillows but they were never as nice as the ones on the Cape. I finally did a Google search and found Down and Feather. Their original feather pillows are exactly like the ones from my childhood. Filled with feathers, heavy and easy to shape. I bought 2 and plan on buying more. I am 100% satisfied!