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Understanding the Basics
what is a duvet cover
600 Thread Count Long staple Egyptian cotton duvet cover.

What is the difference between a Duvet or Duvet Cover?

A duvet cover is used to protect your duvet or down comforter. Your down comforter, or duvet, fits inside the duvet cover just like your pillow fits inside your pillowcase. The reason for all the confusion? "Duvet," a french word for 'down', is sometimes confused with the phrase "duvet cover" here in the United States. A duvet is a down comforter while a duvet cover is the protector of your down comforter. It's that's simple. They are very important to the longevity of your down comforter and how comfortably you will sleep at night.


Egyptian Cotton

All of our duvet covers are made from Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is considered the finest cotton in the world because of the length of the cotton fibers grown in northern Africa. These long staple Egyptian cotton fibers can be spun finer and thinner resulting in softer sheets and lighter duvet covers. Lighter is one of the most important reasons to only purchase high quality duvet covers.


Softer and Lighter

Using a lighter fabric like the long staple Egyptian cotton fabric used for our duvet covers allows you to sleep cooler at night. Remember, long staple Egyptian cotton fibers can be spun finer and thinner so your duvet cover is lighter so you sleep cooler. The thicker and heavier the cotton used to make your duvet cover the hotter you are going to sleep. The hotter you sleep the more you will perspire. Perspiration, moisture, is one of the enemies of down and will significantly impact the longevity of your down comforter, so the quality of your duvet cover can have a significant impact on how comfortably you will sleep.


Percale or Sateen

Percale and sateen fabrics are very similar and yet very different. One is crisp and cool with a matte finish while the other one is woven to create a silky smooth surface with a luminous shine. Percale is lighter in weight and more breathable making it perfect for bedrooms on the warmer side. While the sateen fabric has a silky smooth surface, vibrant sheen, and drape, but is a little thicker and more tightly woven making it perfect for bedroom on the cooler side.

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