Feather Pillows

The best feather pillows will last a lifetime when properly cared for and maintained. Our real feather pillows can be made thick and heavy depending on your sleep style. Thicker for side sleepers and thinner for a stomach sleeper. You should always use a pillow protector and a pillowcase. All of our sleep pillows are available in standard size 20" x 26", queen size 20" x 30" and king size 20" x 36".

Two different varieties of feather pillows are available for purchase: the Classic blend of 75% feather and 25% down or the 100% old fashioned Original feather pillow. 
For a mix of feathers and down, choose between the Snuggle Soft Classic or Natural Nights Classic versions. For a 100% feather pillow made of all feathers, consider the Hotel Collection or Original pillows.

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The Original Feather Pillows - Standard Size
The Original Feather Pillow - Queen Size
The Original Feather Pillows - King Size
The Reviews Are In

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Snuggle Soft Classic

Purchased the medium fill queen pillow. So far I am very pleased ... I am accustomed to 100% down pillows, but this feather blend provides a nice additional heft, weight and support that I am really enjoying. The fill has a very refined feel, unlike some cheaper feather pillows I’ve used. I can’t feel any feather quills at all through the outer case.

Scott G.

Natural Nights Classic

Gave a medium firm to my wife for Christmas. Her previous, feather only, pillow, had seen better days. Wasn't sure if medium was right, but, heh, with the guarantee, I got the firm. She absolutely loves it. Now when she gets out of bed first, I try it and I like it too. It's a whole lot better than my foam pillow!

John S.

The Original Feather Pillow

I have (much to my shame), been sleeping on my Granny's pillow for the past 40 years. I know, yuk, right? ... Your Original feather pillow in the 54 oz, extra firm is so wonderful that my husband has taken it for himself. I am going to be ordering another one for myself. I cannot tell you how happy I was to discover these true feather pillows. Thank you.

Jane A.

Hotel Collection Pillow

I bought an extra-firm Hotel Collection pillow and my neck feels much better since I’ve been using it. Choosing a pillow can be a journey for me, and Down & Feather has made it an easier one. I have received good advice and personal service. I will definitely do business with them again.

Stephen R.

Natural Nights Classic

Great nights sleep. I’ve been searching for a replacement for my old pillow for a long time. After trying several pillows, this pillow is the one that compares to my old pillow. This pillow is very comfortable and supports my head and neck. I would definitely buy again.

Thomas W.

The Original Feather Pillow

I use all the pillows I purchased. The original feather pillow I put under my knees. The other three I bought soft, medium, and firm all in down! Really like them all. The firm one works best for head and neck support. The other two I use along my sides to support my arms. This is the best sleep I have had in a long time. So happy with my purchase.

Margaret D.
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