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Snuggle Soft Classic Feather Pillows

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75% Hungarian goose feather and 25% Hungarian goose down washed using recycled water and environmentally friendly soap. Guaranteed hypoallergenic.

Standard Queen King

Soft Medium Firm Extra Firm

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Standard / Soft - 40046586003504

Standard / Medium - 40046586036272

Standard / Firm - 40046586069040

Standard / Extra Firm - 40046586101808

Queen / Soft - 40046586134576

Queen / Medium - 40046586167344

Queen / Firm - 40046586200112

Queen / Extra Firm - 40046586232880

King / Soft - 40046586265648

King / Medium - 40046586298416

King / Firm - 40046586331184

King / Extra Firm - 40046586363952

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Perfect Pillow Policy: FREE pillow Adjustment for 1 year

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Product Description

Great for back sleepers that rotate to either their back or to their stomach.

This pillows 'personality' is very firm and, depending on density, it's nice and heavy. Made using 75% Hungarian goose feather and 25% Hungarian goose and wrapped in pearl white shell.

You will sleep more "ON" this pillow than "IN" this pillow.

Our pillows sleep 'Thicker' as density; soft, medium, firm and extra firm increases

Q: What is a Snuggle Soft Classic Down Feather Pillow?

Our Snuggle Soft Classic feather and down pillow is filled with 75% Hungarian white goose feather and 25% Hungarian goose down fill. The Snuggle Soft shell is a sateen weave made using long staple Egyptian cotton pearl white in color. Long-staple Egyptian cotton is the finest cotton in the world. Only Oeko-Tex®certified German milled fabrics are used to make your Snuggle Soft pillow. The shells are guaranteed down proof and our Hungarian goose feather is guaranteed hypoallergenic. Double row stitch edges and a satin corded perimeter add to the luxurious look and feel to this all classic feather pillow

Q: How does the Classic down feather pillow feel?

Our feather pillows feel much different than our down pillows. You will sleep more “ON” our heavy feather pillows and “IN” our down pillows. The Classic Feather pillow loves to be squeezed and mashed into the perfect shape to provide you support where you need it most. When you return to bed it's just like you left and not in its original "pillow shape". The Classic is a traditional design without gussets or chambers and filled with the finest Hungarian goose feather and Hungarian white goose down for lasting support.

Q: How long will it last?

Heirloom quality materials and our made to order attention to detail make your pillow resilient and supportive for decades to come. Our double shell pillow design is made using only the finest long staple Egyptian cotton; superior quality Hungarian white goose feather and sewn with the finest threads. Finished with a satin corded edge for a final touch of elegance your Snuggle Soft Classic pillow could become a family heirloom. This pillow is designed to be used with a pillow protector and pillowcase.

Q: Which density should I get?

Density levels are very subjective as there is no standard. However, the width of your shoulders, firmness of your bed and your sleep style will significantly impact which density may be right for you. But, after our 30 Night Comfort Guarantee, we will adjust your pillow density for FREE for one (1) year from the date of purchase. We will even pay the shipping to get your adjusted pillow back to you anywhere in the continental United States. You’re only responsible for getting the pillow back to us.

Q: What if my pillow needs adjusting?

We will adjust your pillow softer or firmer, one density level from the original order, for FREE for one (1) year from the date of purchase.

Perfect Pillow Policy We make perfect pillows

What's the best pillow for side sleepers or those with neck pain?

ANSWER: The pillow that fills your 'Comfort Gap'! That space between the crown of your shoulder and the side of your head when you sleeping on your side so your spine is as straight as possible.

What impacts my 'Comfort Gap'?

Width of your shoulders. (women vs men)
Firmness of your mattress. (i.e. water bed vs. pillow top vs. sleeping on the floor)
Sleep style (side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper)

30 Night Comfort Guarantee

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