Snuggle Soft 600 Lightweight Down Comforter - King (105" x 90")

Filled with 600+ Fill Power Hungarian White Goose Down washed using recycled water and environmentally friendly soap. Guaranteed hypoallergenic.
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How does it feel? As we get older we certainly aren’t sleeping any longer are we? But the sleep we do get is very important and needs to be restful. Choosing the right down comforter for your bedding environment is critical. Our Snuggle Soft Lightweight king size Down Comforter is designed to be both soft and lightweight. Not to warm for the husbands, or our significant other that sleeps like a ‘furnace’, while lightweight enough if you need to add a layer to your side of the bed. The lightweight king size goose down comforter is perfect for bedroom temperatures that are above 72 degrees.

What is a baffle box design? Baffles are little walls which connect all the squares inside the down comforter preventing the down from shifting. Baffle box down comforters sleeps warmer than a box stitch design while preventing the cold spots at the seams common with a box stitch design down comforter. The greatest benefit of using a baffle box design is that it allows our RDS Hungarian white goose down to reach it's maximum loft providing you with light weight warmth.

Does my duvet cover or protector matter? We go to great lengths and travel great distances to find lightweight shell fabrics that allow the Hungarian white goose down to be the star of the show. One of the goals when choosing those fabrics is for them to impact the design performance; lightweight, year round or winter weight as little as possible. To preserve that performance choose a duvet cover made using low gram weight single strand long staple Egyptian cotton. You absolutely do not have to purchase your duvet cover from us but the ones we do offer are chosen specifically for their fabric quality and then cut to be dimensionally correct for our finished goods.